April 24, 2007

April 24, 2007

Well, its the day of the programming competition and we are using the schools IBM ThinkPad I series. These are the ones that Acer made. Also the first ones that have Windows keys on them. I am doing this as an all day entry, like usual but I will probably have more update paragraphs. I have my Treo, IPAQ, and the NEC. Plus a few little extras in case. Ya never know when a certain toy may be needed! I am typing this on the Treo since its hard to use the NEC on a school bus. I got the music playing on the iPAQ. Nothing like a nice techno song while on a field trip.

I installed Linux once again and this time everything is working. What distro you ask? Why OpenSuSE of course. I know that some people don’t like SuSE but I love it. Its the fist Linux I have ever used and nothing I try is as good for me. I got my wireless card working too! It took awhile but now my Acer is Linux!

We are taking a bumpy road, which I think is I81, so sorry if I make any errors. The rode is less bumpy now but could get worse. Its hard using just a thumboard to type. Since the ones we are using are kind of dead until we plug them in, I am on the Treo. Do I mind? Naw, theres not to much room for using a laptop. I took the Treo for this reason ha ha. I knew that I would need to use it for some reason. I figured that the batteries on the IBM were dead like mine is. Too bad I didn’t bring my battery pack.

I plan on taking some pictures with the Treo too so we will see how that idea pans out. If I do, I will make a new album on my Picasa page. I am really glad to have the Treo. The camera may not be the best but this thing has incredible battery life! Thats probably because the battery is 1800 mah. My iPAQ only has a 1400 mah battery. I want a double capacity battery for the iPAQ but its expensive. The iPAQ has pretty great battery life too though as well.

Just want to say sorry that some paragraphs are short. I am on the Treo so its hard to size it up. Plus, I am not really doing a set topic so I may repeater my self. Sorry, back to the logging!<

How many of you read Think Geek? It has to be one of the coolest stores I have ever seen! There April Fools joke product had me thinking. What if they really could make inhalable caffeine? Think about it… They could make a lot of money. Another product that I thought of is based on Jelly Belly jelly beans. They could have a small amount or caffeine, and taste like energy drinks.

Well, we got two done so thats not that great. We tried though, and had fun. We are on the way back now. I didn’t get to take the pictures I wanted too though. The food was great too! Its a buffet with a lot of different food. I am really glad I got to go to this. I seen some friends. All in all, I had a great time even if we didn’t win. I wish I could go again next year… Plus I got a shirt!

This is some funny stuff. I have a PCMCIA card reader for my laptop. On Windows, it wouldn’t work, on Linux it does, go figure! Same with knetworkmanager… It wouldn’t work, now it does, go figure.


April 11, 2007

April 11, 2007

Welcome to my new Blog. I have changed over to doing this blog as part of my main web site. I plan on having a bit better blog as I can do everything in HTML code. This entry will be a little short and will have a similar entry on the old blog that will redirect here.

I have really been liking this Treo lately. The keyboard really comes in handy when I don’t feel like taking out the iPAQ and keyboard. I also use it when I don’t feel like taking out a laptop. Since I don’t use a desktop anymore, it comes in handy. I will be using this more and more often for blog entries and pages of the site.
I plan on adding more pages to the site such as more reviews. Another section I am planning may be part of the blog. I will have programs I use for my computers and PDA’s. Since this part can be part of the blog, it may well become one. Stay tuned for more information.

More entries to come soon! I am planning on trying to get more frequent updates. I plan on trying to do daily updates. I have more time in the summer. I am just glad that I have the Treo to use. I don’t mind carring it around in the summer. I wouldn’t mind using the iPAQ but I would rather not risk the iPAQ without a case. I have a case for the Treo, that while not the greatest, it works good enough for me.