December 31, 2007

December 31, 2007

Well, the snow we got was about 4 inches at the most. It is melting fast though thankfully. We are also expecting an inch tonight and another inch tomorrow. I have to say that I like snow but I rather just have one big snow instead of a few little snows.

I have decided to resurrect my NEC. Its going to be an eBook reader now. Its a little big but I think I can manage. Its still better then using the Clie or iPAQ with messed up buttons. I am using MobiPocket which is freeware.

I have been trying to get my SIXAXIS to work on my laptop with Linux. So far ZSNES has seen it and even worked for a few presses in the game but it stopped working. I will have to keep looking into this more so I can use it instead of my Logitech one.

I had a weird problem today. My WiFi card disappeared and wouldn’t come back. I had to reinstall the drivers to get the card to be recognized again. Really weird but but all is working now. I guess I should keep the driver reinstaller on the Acer in case this happens again!

Today was a good day for food too! I had chicken fried in Italian dressing. We also had some of the Angle Hair Pasta. This is one of my favorite meals to have. One of the best things is the chicken is really easy make like this.

I said I was planning on redoing the news page to be more active right? Well, for 2008 I will be rewriting some pages and that is one of them. I don’t know when these will be up though.


December 30, 2007

December 30, 2007

Well well well! I had some fun today! I broke out my old games and guess what game I started to play now. Final Fantasy VII. Now I will be playing it and Final Fantasy II on and off. I will play the PSP one when I don’t have the PS out.

I had soup for dinner tonight. Very good soup but it came out a little watery. We made chicken and meatball soup with noodles. I love chicken noodle soup and the meatballs make it better! This is breakfast for the week once again!

Well, I have some good news! I am suppose to be getting a new PDA soon. That itself is not much in the way of news since I have so many but here is some news. ITS JAPANESE! Yes, I will be getting a Japanese PDA!

The specs on the PDA seem to be very hard to find but so far I know some weird crap about it. Here is what I know so far and won’t know much more till I get it. Its coming from Japan so I don’t know when I will get it!

7.2 inch VGA screen (DTSN like the NEC sadly)

32MB of RAM and 32MB ROM

Serial sync cable

USB Host

Takes 4 AA batteries

3 hours off alkaline batteries

6 hours off NiMH batteries

CF and PCMICA expansion slots

Windows CE 2.11 (Japanese probably)

I will keep you updated. He also said he would include a WiFi card for it and my NEC. We shall see what happens. I plan on writing him a small letter in Japanese letters if I learn well. The problem will be that the characters will be drawn poorly

December 29, 2007

December 29, 2007

Well, I activated my old phone again and its working great now! I am glad since I do not like the crappy Verizon stuff on my VX8300. We got the VX8300’s Firmware updated today too to see if it helps with the garbled voice when dad uses a headset, We shall see if this works.

I also decided to pick up my new game today. Final Fantasy II for the PlayStation Portable! I like to buy games for it over the PlayStation 3 since they are cheaper and I can play them anytime. I do love playing games like Oblivion and Unreal Tournament 3 but I need to start over in Oblivion as I really messed up by becoming a Vampire ruined the game for me.

Its funny since almost all of my game save data on the PlayStation 3 is for Oblivion. You can tell that I save a lot. It is one of the games where I feel needs to be saved quite often in case something messes up.

I got Linux to work good so far. I have the touchpad set to just the right speed this time too. This was easy as putting a single line of option “maxspeed” “0.13” into the XORG.conf file. Not to hard to do but a little hard to get it just right! I also have been hibernating the laptop quite often since I installed and so far the WiFi card still works and hasn’t disappeared! Lets see how long this new found Linux works attitude lasts me!

Today was a nice day for winter. It was kind of warm with the high being 42! I decided to bring the Acer today. I am seeing that the Ford Focus is not that hard to really use the Acer in. I would prefer to have a smaller laptop since it would be a better fit though. I don’t know how long the ThinkPad will really last for me so I guess its a good thing I don’t mind using the Acer in the car.

I have been looking at some laptops lately. I have been thinking of fixing the 570 up. Now, I know thats its not a great laptop but its still useful really. Sure its a Pentium 2 366MHZ with 320MB of RAM maximum, but its only 4 pounds. I could probably find a battery for it and use it in the car. I can run a low memory Linux and make it still useful. I will have to find out how much a new hinge is and how hard it would be to replace it!

I have also been looking into getting a cheap laptop to replace the VAIO server. There is no reason for me to need a Pentium 4 in a server. The bad thing is that it would have made a very nice desktop for Linux if it didn’t have RDRAM!

Supper today was Old Country Buffet. This was quite good, and I would say better then last week. We also also suppose to get 3 to 5 inches of snow tomorrow night. We shall see! I also plan on taking the news page back to being an active page and maybe some rewrites of the site.

December 28, 2007

December 28, 2007

Well, my resolution for this year is to… LEARN TO USE LINUX!!!

Yes, I am seriously going to learn how to use Linux until I can use ONLY Linux. Now this means that I will not be dual booting and running Ubuntu in a solo boot system. That also includes my ThinkPad collections.

I am also thinking of fixing up the ThinkPad 570. I need to get a new battery and hinges. That would make it usable if I add 256MN of RAM. This would make it 320MB of RAM unless I can find a way to add even more to it!

We are also trying to fix out old phones from Verizon. My E815 that got wet is working again now. The V710 my dad has needs to have the connector soldered in. We also need a new battery for the one. It would be nice to fix them. I like them a lot better then the LG VX8300. Verizon really knows how to ruin a phone with the crappy Verizon operating system!

Supper today was very good too. Hot dogs and French fries! I love them! Weather is saying possible sleet tonight and snow on Monday. We shall see!

December 27, 2007

December 27, 2007

Well, I did something PlayStation 3 related today. I didn’t play much but I did get a new game. Well, it’s a DEMO really. It’s the Gran Turismo HD Concept. Its really fun but very limited. You only get time trial and drift modes, of which I have only time trial unlocked. Not much fun in the long run but wow does this game look nice.

Well, I have also determined that the iPAQ battery may not be on the death bed. It turns out that the battery life being short is because I have an SD card in it! Grr! Good job HP! Maybe I won’t need this iPAQ anymore. I like having my programs on an SD card but looks like that isn’t going to happen now! Maybe you fix this HP?

I had stuffed peppers for supper. I don’t eat the pepper part only the stuffing. We stuff them with hamburger. All in all a pretty good day I guess. No rant today sorry!

Decmeber 26, 2007

December 26, 2007

Well, I have been thinking that I am really depressed with PDA’s anymore. They are just useless. I just don’t have the use for it that much anymore. I need to find some more uses for it. Plus I just haven’t been really happy with my iPAQ anymore.

Of course the new PDA’s kind of suck really. Why? Well that is the subject for this little rant! I guess I should start to add more rants to this site since I guess no one really reads this damn blog. But hey, I do this for fun!

Now, there are just too many phones anymore. It drives me crazy to see pretty much every PDA I may have liked is a phone and that means there is no chance I can get it! I have Verizon and I do not want to buy something like a Pocket PC Phone. They say the PDA is dead but as far as I am concerned they are still useful.

The whole no uses thing is really getting to me now. I am not in school anymore so I have no real use for it. I could type all these blog pages with it but I just don’t have a use for that since I have a laptop now. If I need to make a blog post I just use my laptop.

When it comes to stuff like MP3 or movie playback, I have an MP3 player and I don’t use that much either. I don’t go outside much, especially in the winter months. Plus if I am in the car, I can just use the laptop for that too. Plus the battery life on my iPAQ is getting quite bad lately. I think I may need a new battery for it.

As far as being an eBook reader, I am starting to think that maybe I could just use the laptop in bed. The screen is bigger so it would be nicer to read on. Plus, the fact that my iPAQ has been acting weird now makes me not want to use it. I press a button and sometimes I get two presses. That makes reading a webpage or eBook annoying because it scrolls to far.

The one thing I do use it for though is some minor web browser use. This is getting to be less and less since I have the laptop. Yes, I know the iPAQ is smaller then a laptop but I just don’t have the use for it. Web pages sometimes look quite bad so they are hard to read. Now, I know the iPhone and iPod Touch have “full” web browsers. Sorry but what about the slow loading? My laptop loads pages faster then any of my old PDA’s ever did.

I am also going to rant about this and I will know that this will piss off a lot of people. Too bad no one reads this site to get pissed off! Anyway, I will take a shot in the dark and post this! I am sick of people hating Microsoft. Look, I know Windows is not the best software ever, but you know what? Look at how many people use it. Sure they have stuff like Linux but Windows will always be the dominate operating system. Sorry! I love Linux but I know it will never be popular so here goes!

First of all, Windows is not as bad as everyone makes it seem. I like XP and I frankly think the Vista bashing should be stopped already. Sure, everything has its problems! Sure, I don’t like Vista and I admit that! But do you see me bashing it every chance I get? No I just say that I like XP better that’s all. So I will take both sides of this argument!

Why do I like Vista? Its new! Its a new generation of computer software! Does it have some good things to it? Yeah, I think it does. But the question I have to ask is this… Is it really worth upgrading to? NO! I will get Vista when I get myself a new computer. Lets go over some of the new stuff I do like though.

I really do like the new games they have. They don’t look like they are form Windows 95. I like to play games like Solitaire when I am bored. The fact that they decided to include Mahjongg with the operating system now is amazing. I love playing that game when I am bored.

I also like the new file explorer software too. I like the whole bars that tell you how much of the drive or card that is in use. Its just a lot nicer to look at but I don’t think it adds much to the operating system.

What I hate about Vista is a small one, its all eye candy. Short and simple, its all eye candy!

Supper today was chicken Alfredo. It’s the stuff in the bottles. It was a little dry because we used too much macaroni in it.

December 25, 2007

December 25, 2007

Well, the Christmas Special covered a few things like dinner and what I had gotten today. But heres the actual blog post for today since the special was the Christmas Eve post.

Well I did happen to beat Final Fantasy on my PSP. This is good since now I can buy Final Fantasy 2 soon. I also got 536 kills on Rising Sun in Unreal Tournament 3. I also got to play my cousin in MotorStorm since he also got an 80GB PS3 for Christmas. He also got Rock Band so I will get to play that one day. I also started the single player Campaign mode in Unreal Tournament 3.

I also did something cool with the PS3. I hooked up the ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard to it so I can type messages to my friends easier. It works too!

He is suppose to come over tomorrow so I don’t know if he is or not yet. I will find out tomorrow I suppose. We are going to play PS3 so I may have him bring Rock Band to try.

I have some good news for the site. Coming in 2008! Some new stuff. What is coming? I wish I knew! I plan on rewriting the computers page and links. That is all!