July 29, 2007

July 29, 2007

Well my Acer is now one year old! Hard to believe as it feels like I just got it yesterday! Well, I am hoping that I get another year out of the battery now! Heres to one year with my Acer and the battery has only lost 5WH of capacity!


This is one of them things thats bugging me now… The PDA market is beyond dead… Why is this? Simple, the companies like HP and Palm just plain don’t care about them anymore. HP made a few phones and all Palm cares about is the Treo. This is a rant devoted to the lack of PDA use.

There are some stuff that can bring back the PDA market. The first thing though, is probably the biggest market for these devices.

The back to school market This is the biggest market if you ask me. There easier to travel from class to class with for one thing. Not to mention that the battery life is a lot better. They are getting close to what a student needs most in terms of the operating system programs. Couple the PDA like my iPAQ with a keyboard like my StowAway Bluetooth model. This is the ultimate in mobile computing for me. Its not as good as having a full operating system but its also a lot cheaper.

There is a way to make this seem important to kids and parents a like. We need to Stress the Features of One. They are not just a basic organizer any more. They are getting more advanced. Here is just some of the things that they can do!

Office Both Pocket PC (or Windows Mobile as its called now…) contain office programs. The ones on Windows Mobile are core programs in the operating system while Palm chose to bundle a very popular application with there operating system. Documents To Go for Palm OS is a very nice office suite. Windows Mobile has Word Mobile and Excel Mobile with a PowerPoint viewer, where as Documents To Go has Word, Sheet, and Slideshow programs that allow editing as well as viewing. This is great since you don’t need to buy another application.

Music Yes, you can even use a PDA for music playing. They may not have a hard drive in them for the most part with a few exceptions like the LifeDrive that Palm made. I can use a 4GB SD Card with WMA audio files at 48KBS that sounds just fine, and fit A LOT MORE MUSIC THEN ANY IPOD NANO CAN! Plus there’s the fact of that you can change the music player. Palm includes Pocket Tunes basic, and Windows Mobile has Windows Media Player. There are numerous others that you can use. Thats the best part as there are choices.

Internet Yes, they have Internet access now. This allows you to go online for information. Thus can help for when you are doing a report. This also openes up the use of online radio stations and chats. You can read the news from the palm of your hand. They both include a web browser so why not get one with WiFi and use it?

Reading eBooks You can get a reader for these and read a book in a digital format on your PDA. This can be helpful as there is no book to get ruined or lost. Plus this helps save paper and carry less stuff

The final reason I will tell you about is GAMES!!! There are many games, both free and commercial. Sure this isn’t the best reason for school use but everyone needs a break now and then! There are games of every type for both Windows Mobile and Palm OS. Chances are you will find ones that you like. There are even high end games like Call of Duty 2 on Windows Mobile.

There are a lot of programs on both Palm and Windows Mobile… Thats the fun part of it! You can experiment and make the device just the way you want it. You may want a program that tells you the weather for example. There are programs that will do just that! There are themes that you can tweak the look to what you want in a PDA.

There is an idea I had that company’s can do. They can make bundles that would be cheaper then buying everything separately. One possible bundle could be you pick the PDA you want, and what you want for it, and get maybe 20% off the total purchase. This could be anything at all that you want. You could get a case, a keyboard, a spare battery, and a SD card. The company could also box the bundle up.

They could also start including better software with it. My idea would be they would have a list off applications you can try, and pick so many of them, to get for free. Like you could have a choice of any 3 applications that you wanted from a list of maybe 10. This would be better since you would have more powerful programs. Even a discount is better then paying full price for them!

Another thing they could do is make them a multimedia device. This would be sold next to the iPod and other players. They could have options of flash memory to hard drives. For example, a 4GB flash model for 300 or a 80GB hard drive model for 500. They could also function as Internet devices. The Internet device could be larger and have a keyboard that would attach to it through standard USB.

Well, that was a long rant wasn’t it? The sad thing is that I am not done yet! But now we are onto a different subject. While still on the topic of mobile electronics, this is a different subject. Lets continue!

One feature that all PDAs should have to me is USB host. This allows you to use a flash drive with the PDA. Really good for when you need the file on a computer. This would mean that you could take the file off the PDA, place on the drive, use the file on the computer, and put it back on the PDA. Very useful for word files and other documents. Such as when I code this website. Its much easier then me using an SD or Compact Flash card!

How many people remember the Handheld PC of yesteryear? Well, I am one of the people who still uses one as I have said before. They are quite amazing devices for when they came out. My NEC is so old yet has a lithium ion battery. This means that the PDA is light, if you can call almost 2 pounds light! The best thing about them is the keyboards and the operating system though. I can type on mine for a while before the battery is dead. I wish I could say the same for some laptops! My main question though has to be…

Why did these die? These are the perfect travel companion for me. They weren’t meant to be a PDA really. They are too big for your pocket for the most part yes, but they make up in what they can be used for. I mean look at me, I code my website on it. There is one reason I love my NEC, even though you can’t see the screen outside, is that its easy to use. Its like using Windows! The real sad this is that I can do something I can’t do on my iPAQ!!! Multiple word documents open.

Okay, now I am done!

July 28, 2007

July 28, 2007

Well, today was an okay day. I decided to leave the T20 home today and just wing it! This wasn’t much of a problem as its so damn hot today that I don’t want to even take a laptop with me. I just can not wait for this summer to be over. I CAN NOT TAKE THIS HEAT ANY MORE!!!! It was suppose to rain today and we got nothing sadly…

I almost traded my NEC away… Sorry Alex, you are not prying this thing from me ever… It would have been for a older greyscale Compaq HPC and some other stuff I do not feel like naming.

I went to Old Country Buffet today. The food was okay… I didn’t really want it but I ate anyway. I don’t know why I didn’t want it though. The good thing though next week is that I get Chinese buffet again! Now that I want! Plus in two weeks I get Bonaza steak! Now thats a great steak!

My new goal is to get another HPC one of these days. I hope I can get another free one though. I want a greyscale one that takes AA batteries now since I can not use the NEC outside. I also need to find a way to get multiple documents open on my iPAQ. That would make coding a hell of a lot easier. Yes I like to code on my PDA. In fact this was typed on my NEC with the finishing touches down on my Acer. Funny really, I haven;t really used the NEC and now I love it again and I am trying to make use of it.

Some people see coding on a PDA as stupid or painful. For me, I like that I can code on it instead of a desktop or laptop. They are easier to take with me then a laptop. I know, I am repeating my self as I know I have said this before… Oh and yes, I still love the T20. I just rather use the Acer now as the speed helps… Plus the widescreen makes coding nice as it does on the NEC…

I have done some reworking on teh blog now. You may have noticed that the archives page is on the SIDE and goes by months now. This is to make coding eaiser for me as all I need to do is add the new month link to the list and paste the links for the entries onto a new page. This also looks better to me. I do plan on tweaking the reviews page like this too if I ever add more.

July 27, 2007

July 27, 2007

Well, is SysAdmin Apprecation Day! Its the last Friday of every July. Pretty funny reason for a holiday if you ask me. Since this includes web masters such as my self…

Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day to ME!

Since my friend got a Handheld PC like me now, he finally understands why I have a death grip on my NEC so badly. He got an older Compaq thats a little slower then mine but its nice. It takes a pair AA batteries, has a greyscale screen, and 8MB of RAM. It has Windows CE 2.11 like I do too. He doesn’t have a nice keyboard like me though. I can type faster then he can on mine since I have the nice 92% full size keyboard. I just wish mine was as small as his. But I have both compact flash and PC card while he only has PC card!

I am really starting too see the main reason I love the NEC! Coding HTML! I can do it on the thing in a text file and rename to an HTML file. I also have to say that the wide screen makes this a breeze. Plus the fact of having such a nice keyboard to type on. I did notice one thing, CSS doesn’t work on its web browser. Oh well right? Its old so I wasn’t expecting everything new to work on it. But at least I can test the code.

I also found that this site isn’t all that slow for dial up users. Good thing since that means I can get more readers. I hate waiting for a page to load so a fast load time is a good thing. Thats one of the great things bout having your pages as simple as mine. You can code them fast and they load fast!\

I offered to give my friend a few pages on here but he didn’t want them. Too bad really as I would love to share the 20GB I have. I will never use that much in my life! Hell, I can barely get this thing over a MB, let alone a GB. If I still had the forums, that size would be really handy. There is one thing I would love to do with this site and thats get it to be a nice big site!!!

There is one great thing about HTML… You can code it on almost anything. All you need is a text editor. If you can get it onto a computer that is. Sure its hard to code without a full size keyboard but it is possible to do. I have done this on numerous PDAs before. Its simple if you know how to get the keys for the tags. I have even coded in my Treo when I had it. That was a pain because you needed to use the option and FN keys.

There is one thing I would love to get just for the hell of it. A very old computer. That would be fun to code on! I seen some really cool PDAs that ran on DOS. Now I would love one of them to play with. I heard that the text editor on them can open a .txt from a memory card so I would be able to code on it.

I should check thrift shops like my friend does. He got the Compaq for 6 bucks. Man, thats a great deal if you ask me! The only thing he was missing for it was the sync cable and charger. But since his laptop has infrared, he can use that. The thing also takes 2 AA batteries so a charger is no big deal for him.

Its really sad that I rather have an old computer then a new one! Why would I rather and old one??? Simple, they are really cool. The new ones are all the same to me anymore. I have a good enough laptop, why get another one? The old ones were really cool because they were different. It would be really fun to have one, even if it was just to mess with. Plus, its like owning a piece of history. Some old computers still sell for a lot of money.

Yeah, my geek side is really starting to show now! On a different subject now… My friend was thinking about getting a Wii for a bit but decided that they are just not worth it. Plus not to mention that annoying Wiimote. I rather use a keyboard and mouse for my games thanks. Too bad my laptop can’t play most games I want to play though haha.

There are great reasons to play games on a computer… One is that the games are better. Another is the fact that they are easier to play. The main reason though is that you can upgrade the computer! No need to guy buy a new console!

July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007

I am really hoping that I can fill up this site soon! I mean I have 20GB of space. I will never be able to fill up that much space though. Maybe I will bring back the news page. Once I get the sendmail enabled however, I plan on getting a forum back up. I don’t know if the forum will be added for sure though as sendmail is 500 coins as I have said before. Though they did disable phpBB due to security. I will just have too see what happens. I am not really worried about the forum though as it wasn’t really that popular to me…

I am also considering adding a shoutbox to the index page. I am still confused at what I will be doing though. I hope that the link exchange thing will get me more readers. I know its just a simple site, but it loads faster this way. Plus I can get the coding done faster and that means the site gets up faster.

I know I said I was going to start reading HTML 4 for Dummies a while ago… Too bad I still haven’t started yet! I have been kind of lazy with the whole reading thing. I still plan on reading this though. Maybe one day I will! Then again, I want to learn more CSS (cascading style sheets) so I can make the site look nicer. Maybe add some back ground stuff. For now I like my orange theme though.

Man it is really nice to have a battery on the T20 again. I can use it anywhere I want now since I don’t need to plug it in. I don’t need to use the APC battery either. Its very nice that I can finally use it as it should be used! Now its actually portable for me!

I have to say that the bag is really nice for the T20. The extra room on the side means I can place my mouse and adapter there. Its nice to have the free space. I haven’t used it for the Acer yet. For that, I like the backpack case I have. My friend wants to get a backpack case for his laptop so he can use it for taking notes this year.

I am going to set up the dial up connection on my NEC again. The connection is free as long as you have unlimited long distance. Its quite fun if you ask me to be able to use something so old to go online with a PDA this old. Plus it gives me a chance to check the site on the old thing. Some people still use these with a WiFi card. It makes a ok internet device. I wish I could find one for mine. This would be very nice as an IRC computer since I have a keyboard on it!

I am asking anyone who wants to help me to do so with this! The disclaimer page needs more side effects. I ask people to email them to me. You can email them here. Thanks everyone, I need more stuff for it!!!

July 24, 2007

July 24, 2007

Well, I am still in webhost limbo! I need to get the forums up and running… Theree is one main problem though. I need a way to get either the no mail mod installed, or sendmail. I can get sendmail for “500 coins” on the newsit.es forums. This is free but it will take some time. There is an option of using a free forum off of this main site. I will keep debating what will happen. Maybe I can get the forum installed here.

I want to start using my iPAQ more. Its not really worth the effort to make my laptop shopping really. Its nice to have but its a pain to carry. It also takes time to start back up. Plus I keep the iPAQ in my pocket in the store so it comes in handy. I can edit the entries whenever I get bored. I don’t have to worry about if I have my laptop with me.

I am debating on whether or not I should get the off site forum. I can keep trying to get the on site one working but I am thinking of using a free off site one for now until I get the on site one up. I will just have to see what happens.

I would love to get a paid hosting and a .com website. This would be great since I could have my own domain. One day I will have a domain all to my own, but for now. this is good enough. I will try to get one eventually. If any one wants to buy me one for free though…

I am loving this new battery. It lasts a nice long time for me. It lasts a good 2 and a half hours! I want to get a second one but I don’t have the money for it. One is enough though. I would like some RAM Though. Even with the small 384MB RAM, it runs great!!!

I want to see the Simpson’s Movie. It looks pretty funny. I would like to see it but I will wait for the DVD. I will see it one of these days! It would be really nice to get the DVD.

I am so sick of seeing all this Harry Potter stuff. Its only a book people. I can wait for the movies personally. I seen videos on YouTube with spoilers. Wow people, is it really that funny to spoil the book. I would rather read the book then go by what people say happens. I already read it on Wikipedia anyway!

I am really loving my new flash drive too. I installed the Portable Apps Suite from Portable Apps instead of the U3 software.

July 23, 2007

July 23, 2007

Well, It looks like I have to move sites again. 110MB recently decided to stop offering free mySQL. While I could have paid a small fee of 10 dollars to get this back, or make 50 posts in there forums, I decided its better to just move on. The new site is hosted by a company called Newsite.es… I chose them because a friend recommended them to me. They totally own 110MB too. They provide me with, get this, 20GB for free. Want to guess how much bandwidth I am getting for free? Its not much, only 300,000 MB worth. Yes, and its free. There is also 5 mySQL databases for me! Woo! Thanks for the few months 110MB but its time for me to move on to better things now.

Yes, this also means a new forum is up. I ask for one thing from you, my readers. Join the forums. If you were on the old one, feel free to start threads again. I am planning on taking this site seriously.

Well this is a good thing, my new battery came today. Too bad it came from UPS and I hate them. It didn’t come til 6:30. Oh well, at least it came right? I am hoping that it lasts a long time. I will be using the T20 now on battery a lot more. I am going to let it charge overnight before I use it. This is just to be safe as I don’t really think you need to charge them for so long before using them.

I decided that the USB hard drive hooked to the 570 and networked had to go. Its just way to slow for me to use it like that. I will just have to hook to the computer when I need it. No big deal since the files I always need are stored on a flash drive.

\I want to add one more thing, the IRC chat is here to stay. I am planning on getting the WM5 tutorial done soon. I have been pretty busy lately so I haven’t really had a chance to get this done.

July 21, 2007

July 21, 2007

Well, I’m debating using a differnt style of blog. It would be a simple php blog. This would help me focus on getting them up faster since I would have less coding to do. Not that I have much now though! This all depends on how I feel though…

You know, there is one reason I still love my iPAQ! I can still use the Palm OS Graffiti 1 input letters. This allows me to write fast with very few mistakes… Why? Simple! Its still embedded in my brain from my SJ33 days! I still prefer the tap keyboard though. I feel it puts less stress on my screen protector. Its also faster for me… Man i love them …’s!

Of course, there’s always my one true method… The Bluetooth ThinkOutside StowAway Universal keyboard! I really love that thing! After using the T20 so much though, I can’t get adjusted to it! If I had the one with a number row it wouldn’t be so hard to readjust. The NEC isn’t as hard to use since it has a number row. The keys are smaller though.

I am really trying to get more use out of my iPAQ any more! I have to get more use out of it to make me feel better about keeping it charged. My overall goal is to use only freeware programs on it. This is something thats been made easier to me now since I know there are a lot of free programs. Here is a list of what I have installed now, including my theme.

FireFox theme I love FireFox a lot so this was a good theme to use. Its also very similar to the Bliss theme…

S-Tris 2 Come on, every device needs Tetris! Its a very good free version that has both a classic and maniac mode which is a very hard version with non-Tetris 4 block pieces.

lgtEditor I installed this HTML editor to try and do not know if I will be keeping it or using something else. Its one of the only 2 I found on FreeWare PPC.

Peek Pocket Everyone needs a good WiFi scanner! Tells me one key thing too, if the network is locked!

Total Commander The best freeware file explorer I have ever seen. I looove it!

zsIRC Everyone needs a great IRC client on there PDA for when the urge to chat comes up!

I also have my drivers for my keyboard installed but I don’t need to count that now do I?

Well today was a great day for me too! I found a case for the T20. Its for a 15.4 like my Acer but it has a divider in it. This means that the T20 fits great with some room on the side for other suff. This is great as now I have a better case for my Acer too. Its like getting 2 cases for the price of one! Speaking of price, it was on clearance for only 20 bucks!

While at OfficeMax, I had to get a flash drive that was cheap! It was a 512MB Lexar for only 10 bucks. I figured it would make a good back up drive. I can leave it in the bag for when I forget my 4GB.

I also got my favorite! Chinese buffet!!!