April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010

Well today was fun. I installed the new Ubuntu for friend, and I tried it on my Eee PC dual boot but I don’t really like dual booting too much personally. I have to see why it won’t install on my desktop. I go t access the drive and it shows it as unallocated space, but if you mount the drive it is all there.

I had sloppy Joes for supper today and onion rings, then I had some pizza at my friends house. I did a lot of work on the computer over there and I have to pick up a external hard drive for them tomorrow. It was a nice today too.

Tomorrow will be 83, and we are getting some thunder storms on Sunday which will make me very happy. I may have a lawn to mow as well. I want to extend the garden this year and plant some more tomatoes, I love home grown sauce.

We tend to make pizza sauce form the extra tomatoes and I really like it much more than anything you buy in a store, of course that is because it is made with fresh tomatoes and no crap in it like preservatives. I also want to plant my normal pumpkins as well.


April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010

Well, today I made 10 bucks. I filled in a hole down my grandparents and I mowed my lawn today. I have a bit of a sore neck now. I downloaded the new Ubuntu of course, even though I really don’t plan on using it much. I downloaded the 32 and 64 bit versions and I also downloaded that netbook remix to try and see how it is.

I will be installing it on my desktop and not the netbook this time. I would like to try and see how it works, even though I do know how Ubuntu works for the most part. I rather like Windows 7 a lot, and I know that Ubuntu would run better on the Eee PC so maybe I will try a dual boot later on and see how I like it long term. So far I plan on installing it onto a SD card to play around with it on the netbook.

I had some thoughts today while I was cutting the grass as well. We are using gasoline engines in lawn mowers and weed whackers and tillers and other equipment, but it makes me wonder how long that will last. There are some electric weed whackers, and a few electric lawn mowers, and even still some old reel mowers, but that is not what makes me wonder so much.

What does make me wonder is if they will ever end up replacing the normal gasoline lawn mowers. I am not talking from an environmental standpoint, but from a sick of buying gas standpoint. It depends highly on what they use though. If they use a brushless motor, they will be virtually maintenance free, and they use power better then a brushed motor.

I was also thinking of the whole Palm HP thing. Who remembers the Foleo? Raise your hand… what a shock, no one does. That is because it was never released. It makes me wonder if we will see a WebOS netbook in the coming months.

Supper today was fried chicken and French fries which I really enjoyed. It was a nice day today but a little windy and tomorrow will be a warmer 77. It will be even warmer this weekend in the 80s. I will probably have some work to do this weekend as well.

April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010

Well, HP has bought Palm so we shall see how this ends up. I am hoping it means more rapid development of WebOS, and some better hardware with more options. I am just hoping that they don’t stop WebOS all together though. I guess we will just have to wait and see how this all pans out.

They are saying that they are going to be thinking of making WebOS powered netbooks and tablets, which makes me think that maybe they will make a PDA that I could want because it wasn’t a phone. I will have to wait and see, and I will post more about this tomorrow.

It was a chilly day here, and we had another shower or two today. I mowed 2 lawns today and made 25 bucks so I have to pay 25 bucks back to parents and I am able to save up for some RAM for the Eee PC. I have been using it with 1GB and it runs alright for the most part.

I made a SD card installed Ubuntu to mess with, and will need to get the new version when it comes out tomorrow. I will get getting it on Friday though when the server speed picks up a bit more again. I want to keep Windows 7, which is why it will only be on the SD card and not my hard drive.

Supper today was breaded chicken wings, mashed potatoes, and butter beans. That was really good, and I enjoyed it a lot. These are really good chicken wings by Tyson. I am really in the mood for Long John Silver’s fish too. There are some people who will say that it isn’t that good fish, but that person in mind lives in the UK and thus, gets better “fish n chips” mate.

April 27, 2010

April 27, 2010

I forgot to add yesterday that when I was cleaning that computer out, I was using canned air and wow is that bitterness stuff they put it in BAD! I got it in my mouth a few times. That was one of the worst things I had ever tasted too. I will never buy that stuff for my own use. I would rather use my air compressor any day. Too bad the little one I do use for computers is broken now.

It was another cold day here again, and we have been below the average temperatures. It was also very windy here today, but at least it is not raining anymore today. The grass grew a lot over night too it seems, and we had 2 days of rain so I can’t say that I didn’t expect that to happen. Looks like I will be having fun mowing it soon. It wasn’t a good day to do it today though.

The new Ubuntu comes out tomorrow and I have to install that on my friend’s computer again. I installed 9.10 for now, so that his mom could use the computer at least. She loves Ubuntu, and even though I installed Windows 7, she rather Ubuntu. I personally love Windows 7 and have not looked back since I started using it in December. That is about 5 months, and I haven’t even cared about Linux anymore much.

I will be downloading it over at my friend’s house since they have much faster internet then I do. They got the faster package from Verizon now, so they went from the slowest speed, to my speed, now to I think the 7MB package. I wish I could get that speed but I live to far away to get it, even though they are only like a half mile away.

So far I still love the Eee PC and having a netbook is pretty nice. It gets a little warm but nowhere near my Averatec. I am so much happier to have something to replace that thing. It is faster and gets a lot more battery life then my Toshiba with the 6 cell and the 9 cell batteries combined. I didn’t really get a chance to test the battery life since I haven’t timed it yet.

One thing that has been interesting me is that Stephen Hawking is saying that we should not try and make contact with alien life, and we should avoid it actually. He is saying that given how our race is, they may be more interested in harvesting our planet, or even us, then being allies. I think that we should actually make contact personally. Sure, he may be right, but there is a good chance that he can be wrong too, and unless we make contact, we shall never know for sure.

I know that for people reading my book I am using the idea of aliens not being friendly at all. The thing is that is just one race, even if it is fictional. I think a lot of the science fiction shows either the aliens being friendly or hostile, but there is a chance that they can be a little of both.

Supper today was Salisbury patties and some left over string beans and broccoli chicken rice. I went to get my physical today and I will be getting a new permit soon which hopefully means driving soon. Weather for tomorrow will be the same as today it seems.

April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

Well today was a nice today for me, but weather wise it was horrible. It rained all day, and tomorrow will finally be a bit dryer, but we are supposed to get some showers still. I may have some grass to cut soon too. That is like the only reason I like the rain.

I did some work on friend’s parent’s computer. Reinstalled both Windows and Ubuntu, but not 10.04 so I will have to go back in a few days and install that. I got Chinese food (chicken lo mien) and an energy drink (Venom Low Carb) out of it so it was a good day.

Supper today was chicken and broccoli rice that was really good with some soy sauce on it. I also plan on doing some work on the book soon too as well. My mom’s friend read it and she really liked it, which makes me happy. She thinks I should get it published but I think I should finish it first.

April 25, 2010

April 25, 2010

Well I want to make this blog a bit like it used to be. I have been pretty crappy with updates lately, and that kind of upsets me. I used to have longer posts, but now they tend to be a like 6 lines only. I want to say this that is mostly out of me being lazy. I am hoping that the netbook can change that.

While they may not be long in the sense of 2 pages in Word, I want to do more than I have been doing. I watched Avatar today and it was a really good movie and I really enjoyed it. I would like to watch it again once to see what I missed on the first run though.

The special effects were really cool, and made the Bluray version all the better. I love watching stuff on Bluray since it looks so much better, especially when it is shot in 24 frames per second. We also have the 120HZ refresh rate on our TV.

Supper today was chicken stuffed with ricotta cheese in sauce. That was really good too. It was wet here today and tomorrow will be more of the same. I am hoping that this makes the grass grow faster. I still want to get more RAM for the Eee PC. Strangely enough, that rattle noise seems to be gone as well.

April 24, 2010

April 24, 2010

Well this is something that hasn’t happened in awhile lately. I feel that I should post a proper entry on the new laptop. I finally decided to bite the bullet and order the Eee PC I have been wanting for awhile now. I have wanted one for awhile and I kept putting it off. Now that I finally have it, I can get rid of that Averatec. I will be leaving my Toshiba home a lot more now too.

I did a lot of changes though to it. For starters, Starter had to go. It now runs Ultimate, and it runs it great with only 1GB of RAM. I will still be upgrading it to 2GB soon but the thing is running amazingly. I can even run iTunes on it, and we all know how bad that program is when it comes to low end computers. I have all my main programs on here, and they all run fine so far.

That includes Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin, iTunes, and Office all run fine without any problems so far. My Tetris game, S-Tris2 even runs great. They all fit into the 1024×600 resolution just fine too. Thunderbird has given me some minor issues with the height of some the setup screens. I just hid the taskbar for a bit and it worked fine.

The best part is that I can even run Aero. I love being able to use Aero because it looks great. I could save some battery life, and I will have to find a way to quickly disable it when I need the maximum battery life.  The thing can get up to 14 hours of battery life, and if it gets even 7 hours, I would be happy enough running Aero. I will disable it when I need the most battery life I can get though.

I want to do some tweaking under services.msc and see what I can do to make it run even better. I would like to put off the extra RAM for a little bit since it is like 60 bucks for a stick of 2GB DDR2 now. It used to be nice and cheap online but they changed that I guess, since it’s the same price as it is in the stores now. I do like that in a way, since I rather buy it in a store and not have to wait for shipping, but I don’t like the price too much.

So, the hardware of the Eee PC is really nice too. I have adjusted to the keyboard pretty quick, and the touchpad isn’t too bad either. I am getting used to the button placement and the surface of it still though. The one thing that is annoying me is that the 2 finger scrolling isn’t working in Pidgin. I will have to see why that won’t work though. It is a little annoying, but it isn’t that hard to use the arrow keys.

There is something weird rattling around in the Eee PC, and since I don’t know to get it apart, and I don’t want to open it since it is still under warranty for a year. I will use it and if something happens to it under warranty, then I will send it in to be fixed. I am just hoping that it is a piece of plastic, and not a screw that will short something out.

I will be working on my book soon now too.  That is one thing I have wanted a netbook for. The fact that it is so small and boots quickly with long battery life makes it more useful for writing then my Toshiba. I like being able to have a small laptop instead of one of my PDAs in this case since I have the keyboard on a laptop. I like being able to get the ideas down on a PDA but when I don’t have the folding keyboard, it’s a pain to get anything really done.

The book will be getting a few new things happening soon as well. I have some good ideas that I can and probably will end up using. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I hope that it comes out as good as I think it will. I want to try and do some things differently this time that when I had started writing originally I had planned out.

That is the good thing about writing on the computer. I can edit the document much easier then on a PDA. I like to break it up into chapters now, and this way I can add in a chapter in the middle with ease. I have done this before too. The first version didn’t include the new chapters 3, 4, and 5. These are the history chapters, and I will consider adding more history chapters in later on in the book.

When doing the book on paper, it is not as easy to just add stuff in to the middle of the book. I may end up doing another rewrite of all I have written as well, and try and work on some more details. The key to good science fiction writing to me is the details. It isn’t like with a TV show that you can just skip all that by showing the stuff, in a book you need to describe it.

Weather was nice today and tonight, into tomorrow and Monday we will be getting a lot of rain, about 2 inches worth. I won’t be cutting grass this weekend I guess. I had Old Country Buffet for supper today which I really enjoyed this time.