November 30, 2007

November 30, 2007

You are probably wondering why yesterday is listed as a late entry. My dad had pains in his stomach so he went to the hospital and found he has 2 kidney stones. He passed one of them and has one left.

Had turkey sandwiches for supper! Very good! I got a new PSP game today. Its Gradius Collection. Weather is now snow to mix. Didn’t get to play Oblivion today. Sorry its a short one.


November 29, 2007

November 29, 2007

Yes I am still playing Oblivion but I still take time out of my busy schedule to update this blog everyday. I know, I know, I am amazing right? I know some people don’t update their blog everyday but I want to be different!

Yesterday, I said that they still sell floppy drives and disks. Well, I was thinking… Are floppis still useful? Think of the flash drive which is the floppy drive of today. What if we stuck to floppies making them able to hold as much as a DVD? The floppy drive was also good in a way because it helped keep file sizes smaller for stuff like documents.

The documents on my Acer are a good 10MB of pretty much stuff for this site. Yes, I do save the old pages in word documents on my laptop. Why? Simple: backup. If my server ever crashed I do have HTML files on the laptop too but I like to have the word files as well just in case.

Ok… I got a little distracted but we are back on course now. This had me thinking. Are old computers still useful? Now, I don’t mean old like Pentium 2 only. I mean old as in the old Macs. They are still somewhat useful really. Hell, even an old PDA is still useful if you know what it can really do. Here are some good examples of uses for old computers and PDAs.

Classic Gaming Yes, I know I have a PlayStation 3 but sometimes I like to just play something like Zelda. (Yes, I own all of the old Zelda cartridges…) If I had a old 68k Mac I could probably find some games for that too. Just because the games are old doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun anymore. Some of the old games are actually more fun then the new ones.

I like to play games on my PDA a lot too. Just because that PDA may be something old like an OS 4 Clie can sometimes make the game more fun by bringing back memories. Back when I was a freshman in high school I loved study hall. Why? I would play games on my SJ33 for 45 minutes and no one cared.

Typing I use my NEC to type up some blog entry stuff once and while. If you have something like an older Mac or even a Windows 3.1 machine, there is at the very least a text editor. If you have a way to get the file off the machine, you can open the text file on a modern computer.

I have typed parts of a blog entry in a Mac System 7 emulation before and just used software to get the file onto Windows. Why? Why not? If you can get the file to your computer, have a little fun with your work! Even the classic Macs had an office suite.

Lets say that your still a student… Why not go on the web and get something like my NEC? The newer ones (the 900c was the last if I remember correctly) can run better software including an office suite that is as good as a desktop one.

Collections Ever see someone with an old computer collection? I love seeing peoples collections but I get so jealous. I love seeing when someone has like 20 laptops. Of course some people are crazy with their collections though!

Dad got home late today so we had McDonalds again! Yum! The weather for this weekend looks good. One place said HEAVY snow! The other said wintery mix. This will be on the Sunday entry of course.

November 28, 2007

November 28, 2007

Well, today Oblivion got played less then I would have liked. I went out today as dad is off on Wednesday… I have to say that taking a break is good though. I love the game but taking a break will make it last longer!

Well, guess what I am getting soon. I am trading a 80GB hard drive I don’t need for a old Clie. The Clie in question is a T615 model. It has Palm OS 4.1 and a 33MHZ Dragonball processor by Motorola. Yes, it is color… It has a 320×320 high resolution display with 65k color. It does not play music however. Yes this thing is old but i do enjoy the old ones a lot. It also comes with a older 4 fold Sony KB11 keyboard.

You are probably thinking I am nuts for wanting a old PDA like this. Palm OS 4.1 may not have as much applications as OS 5 does but it still has its uses. I could use it as an ebook reader for example. I could also use something similar to Avantgo to view off line web pages.

Heres something I got a laugh out of… They still FLOPPY DISKS! I actually own a USB drive though so I guess I can’ say much!

Supper today was fried meatballs! Very good meal I was really looking forward to. Weather for this weekend is suppose to be winter type so I will see how this all pans out I suppose.

November 27, 2007

November 27, 2007

Well you can probably guess that I am still addicted to Oblivion. I was going to pick up WarHawk today but I decided to just wait for a bit. I have to say that playing Oblivion without a guide is tricky but my goal is to play with no guide for as long as I can.

Supper was great today. My dad made these hamburger like things with steak dust seasoning on them. Very good with a little A1 steak sauce on um. I love those things! We also had some garlic bread which was very good. If you are even in Walmart where they have the food, look for chocolate covered cherry cookies. They are very good!

I love garlic bread but god does it make you thirsty. Speaking of thirst… I have been in the mood for a can of RockStar. RockStar Punched is my personal favorite. I also like the juiced ones they have. I am really hoping that Monster will have one that is a fruit punch type. They are so much better since they don’t taste bitter or anything. Rockstar really surprised me with Punched.

I was talking to someone at Best Buy who was a representative for Sony. She said that WipeOut still hasn’t been announced. This is a shame since this will be one of the games I know I will buy. Also Gran Tursimo is still set for March 08. The one thing that made me upset is that Final Fantasy is set for HOLIDAY 08.

I have to wonder if anyone actually uses comment codes in HTML. They seem to be more less for people who need to put identification into the code. This is one of the more pointless things to me. I guess its good if you have print outs of the code and you want to have information on the page.

You ever notice when they show a computer on TV its either a Dell or a Apple. Seems that you never see a nice sexy ThinkPad on a TV show. I guess they use Apples for looks but I hate when they cover up the logo with a sticker. Not hard to tell what kind of computer it is really, especially when its an Apple.

So I guess you have noticed that the news page has been a little dead lately…I want to say that this is not because I got the PlayStation 3 but because the news has really sucked lately. I want to add some stuff but I have not seen much that is post worthy lately. I may post everything from Engadget since I really love the site.

You may have also noticed I never removed that under reconstruction thing on the index page. I want to say I will start working on the rest of the changes soon. This is one thats more easier then others. Like I will be replacing the page on computers with a index page in a directory like the Blog page. I will also be fixing the category pages for news since I need to either add a page or add the stuff to a page.

November 26, 2007

November 26, 2007

Well, Still playing Oblivion all day long. I am addicted to this game by far. I joined the Dark Brotherhood, Fighters Guild, and Mages Guild. I am going to be playing this a lot I see.

I have decided that my next game is going to be WarHawk. I decided to wait for UT3 since I don’t know how the game is yet I want it. I will also have more money left as its 40 since its not 60 like UT3. My dad is still looking into getting Folklore so I will also be able to play this too.

I had stuffed peppers for supper today. I don’t eat it with the pepper part but I eat the hamburger. I love it since its pretty much a meatball. Add a little grating cheese on it an its great! I also had Lima bean soup for breakfast. Thats really good.

Well, I have decided that one thing I will be doing soon is backing up my game saves on the PS3 since I would rather be save then sorry.

November 25, 2007

November 25, 2007

Well, the PS3 has become my addiction now. I started playing Oblivion today and wow I am impressed. I got to say the game is addictive. I loved Morrowind on my PC and I had it for the XBOX but the game stopped working so I got it for the PC.

I got a screen name for PlayStation Network so I can play online now. My PSN ID is oddly enough mikeypizano. Now I just need a good online game to play!

I have to say the PS3 is amazing on the surround sound and 46″ TV. I already have at least two games planned to buy. Folklore is the one my parents want and I will buy Unreal Tournament 3 either when it comes out December 10, of after Christmas when I get money. Other games will follow of course.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be playing the PSP as much though. The PSP is more for portable games of course. I still enjoy the PSP for games like WipeOut. Of course, I cannot play the PS3 at night or if parents want the TV so the PSP will get plenty of use still.

I am consider redoing the computers page to also include video game related pages. This will include the systems I have and the games I have or will soon have.

I leave you on this note: why buy a strategy guide for your games when they are free on Game FAQs

November 24, 2007

November 24, 2007

Guess what Mikey got! PLAYSTATION 3! OH YEAH!

I got it, Oblivion Game of the Year Edition, 10 movies that off hand I don’t remember what they were, and it came with MotorStorm in the box. I also got 5 movies coming from Sony and a 2 year service plan. 630 with tax for everything since the 10 movies were freebies.

The interface is the same as the PSP with the cross media browser. I will not be installing Linux even though its possible to and I will not install Folding At Home either. I will just have the normal PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 will only be on the 46″ HDTV in the living room since none of our TV’s have HDMI and the living room TV is the only one with the surround sound system. We are going to be keeping it in a plastic tub since we will not be leaving it up because of the dust and chinchilla fur that fills out stuff..

I am not a big fan of the whole SIXAXIS thing so far. I tried playing MotorStorm with it but it was just hard to steer. Its really cool but I would rather just use the analogue sticks. I will try and learn to use it though.