August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Today was a hot day, and I did 3 yards. The bugs drove me insane as did the heat. Tomorrow, I only have 2 to do unless someone else calls. I was hoping I could have done those 2 today but they said Tuesday, and that is tomorrow.

I did upload Chapter 40 though, and plan to work on the next one soon as well. I have also been thinking about ideas for a second book as well. Of course, that is a long ways off right now, but who knows what will end up happening later on.


August 30, 2015

August 30, 2015

I did quite a bit more than I had planned on doing today but I did get my oil changed on the Honda so that is great, and that means that I did my yard as well. I needed to warm up the oil after all. I will have quite a lot to do tomorrow now as well.

I have to see what else I am doing this week as I don’t have a lot to do, but it looks like most of it will end up being rather spaced out at this point. That is one thing that drives me nuts really. I like to know what I am going to be doing well ahead of time.

August 29, 2015

August 29, 2015

This post was started last night, on the PowerBook G4, as I attempted to test out the battery. I want to see what kind of charge it still holds, as I am thinking about getting a new battery for it soon. The charger I got also seems to fit very loosely, so I may look into trying to find an original Apple charger. I would also like to warn anyone reading this now that this is a LONG post, and it mostly just random thoughts that have came into my head.

This was started at 10:33 according to the time on my desktop. The screen is at around 25% brightness, WiFi is on, but I turned off Bluetooth. Pretty much the only thing running is Word, so it is definitely not a huge load on the laptop, but as I wanted this for writing primarily, it fits one of the situations I would be in normally.

The main thing that is of course missing is having music playing, but I didn’t get any music on it yet. I could turn off the WiFi and get better battery life as well I am sure. The key thing to remember is that DropBox no longer works on PowerPC based Macs, so I have no need to even have the WiFi turned on if all I am doing is a simple document.

Consider this to also serve slightly as a first impressions as well, since I have been playing with it for a bit now. The first thing I have noticed is that one of my biggest pet peeves on Mac OS is that in Word, I need to have the zoom at 125% for it to seem what I feel should be 100% zoom. I always assumed that was due to having a 22″ monitor at 1680×1050 though, but it does it on the PowerBook as well.

The screen on here is a 12″ one, which is why I was so happy to get it, at the standard for the time 1024×768, which is kind of sad when you consider that this was hardly a budget model. Of course, I suppose at that time, anything higher in resolution would have driven up the price, but considering that my T41 is a 14″ screen that is MUCH higher resolution, I am not so sure.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with the screen resolution for something like this, I am just saying that since it was at the time a very expensive machine, around 1,800 dollars, it should have been a little higher resolution. The problem that stems with higher resolutions screens is that things do get smaller, so perhaps that was a major reason as well.

There is no point in arguing over the specifications on a 10 year old machine, but this is quite nice actually since it has the 100GB hard drive and SuperDrive that were optional upgrades. It also has the RAM maxed out at 1.25GB since it has a single slot, filled with a 1GB stick, and the 256MB soldered on the board. Again, strange way to do things on a machine like this, but it was easier to have 256MB soldered on board and a single slot than to try and fit 2 slots on a small machine.

Apple did seem to treat the 12″ badly though to me as it lacks the backlit keys of the 15 and 17 inch models as well, but interestingly enough, the keys do have the translucent lettering that would allow it to be backlit as well. I would have loved a backlit keyboard on here, as I have been spoiled by my Logitech K800 and K810, as well as the TypeCover on Surface and most recently, my ThermalTake mechanical keyboard.

Speaking of the mechanical keyboard, I am in love with that thing. I just wish I could use it as night, but since it has Kaihl blue switches, it is LOUD. Now, Kaihl switches are technically identical to much loved Cherry MX switches, as the patent ran out on Cherry, so Kaihl started making them as well. It is kind of like with the Keurig K-Cup. When the patent ran out, everyone started making them as well.

The thing is the one I got was much cheaper than a true Cherry MX switch keyboard, which was great for me as I didn’t intend to spend more than 80 bucks on a keyboard. The keys have a blue backlight, so none of the fancy multicolored ones, but it does the trick. I am an author, not a gamer, although I will play some Fallout 4 on PC when it does come out so I guess it will be good to have a gaming keyboard for the future as well.

The main thing that I miss from my Logitech keyboards though is the auto adjustment. I have to either unplug the keyboard, or turn the lights off as they are BRIGHT and will keep me up. I have probably mentioned this before but I absolutely HATE blue LEDs at night. Somehow, they are way brighter than normal and I am not sure why, but it does work well for a keyboard light for sure.

So, we are about 25 minutes into the test, and it seems that the battery is still at 83%, and it is claiming that I have 1:50 left. The issue is that I have often seen batteries stay good for a bit, then start rapidly dropping. As I type this, it has already dropped to 1:42 pretty quickly. Of course, this is only an estimate, and I would probably be better off monitoring the percentage instead of time.

Work wise, everything has been going rather well, but I am not going to lie. I am getting to the point of the year where I just want to be done. I am not saying that I want to end the season, but a few days off could really give me a nice break. I have been working quite hard this year, and I keep falling behind. Sometimes, I can get things done quickly, other times a job that should be simple DRAGS on and on and on and I feel like I am getting no where at all.

Of course, this is all par for the course of my job. I know that my own yard has to be cut soon, as it is rather overgrown. This is a sign of how much I have to do as my own yard has never gotten quite this far overgrown in the past. I have also been using the Craftsman a lot more than I thought I would as it mulches better, and it is great for wet grass as well.

This is also helping to conserve the engine as I am over 650 hours now. The actual number as of this time, is 668.2 hours. To think of it this way, my yard takes a half hour on average to cut with the Honda, so it is like doing my yard around 1,300 times in 4 years. That is insane to think about really, but it is the reason that I got the Honda to begin with after all!

Of course, it is crazier yet to think about the fact that if you take the average walking speed of 3 miles per hour, I have walked well over 2,000 miles I am sure of you also count stuff like walking from job to job without the engine running. Truly remarkable when you look at the numbers, since it is hard to think that in 4 years I have done so much.

Last year, and the year before, as well as the first year I have had it, have been far lighter years, but with the weather the last 2 years being so dry, I didn’t add quite that much time to it as I have this year. I can only imagine that I would be well over the 700 hour mark by now if I wasn’t using the Craftsman or Toro at all. I know that by the end of the season, I will be breaking that mark though as well.

Of course it all depends on how much rain we get the next 2 months. I have said before that the season could end at any time. I have always done at least 1 yard on November 11 for example, so I count on mowing until at least that time, but it we get an early fall, the grass can be dormant for the season earlier. On the other hand, we could also have a quite late fall, and I could be working until the end of November.

It also depends on how long the leaves take to fall. Not every yard I do will have leaves to cleanup though, as some don’t have any trees, others get very little leaves from neighboring yards, and some people will clean up their own leaves as well, so it is usually a waiting game to see what ends up happening in the fall. I am going to stop this test now, around 40 minutes in, with the batter still at 70% and saying that I have 1:25 remaining.

I will do a better test sometime soon, but since it is also getting late, I would like to go to bed as well. I am not sure how much I will add to this tomorrow, in fact, since this is already about 1,600 words, I may even just post this one as a special entry separate from the main post for tomorrow, so we shall see what ends up happening. I know most people will just see how long this is and skip over it, and I don’t really blame them either.

August 27, 2015

August 28, 2015

Well the good thing is I got a fresh install of Leopard on the Powerbook! The next step is install some software and make some use out of it! I plan to use it for writing at the least, but I found out that DropBox no longer works on older versions, which kind of puts a damper on things.

I will be able to use it without fancy cloud storage though, as I do have a whole bunch of flash drives. I also have SD cards and USB readers, so that isn’t an issue wither. Right now, I just want to get all the updates installed and see what software I can find for it.

August 26, 2015

August 27, 2015

Well I got the charger in, and the Powerbook does work but it seems the fan is rather loud. I am not sure if it is something that with a little more use will go away, but I am NOT taking it apart. I don’t really care either way since it was free, but I won’t take it apart.

Last time I did that with a Mac, I ended up breaking it so I learned my lesson the hard way. I did some weeding, and 4 yards today. Tomorrow I have more weeding, and some weed whacking, and who knows if I will have any yards to do but I am not saying it will be an easy day since today was supposed to be and ended up being way longer than I wanted it to be.

August 26, 2015

August 26, 2015

Well today was a long day but I did get some stuff done, unlike tomorrow. I have a lot of weeding to do tomorrow so it will take a lot of time to get the 2 jobs done. I am planning on taking something to listen to with me, and I will just sit down and pull all the weeds.

The charger for the PowerBook should come tomorrow as far as I can tell! I will see if it works, and post some pictures of it when it does come in. I am not sure what version of OS X I will install on it yet but likely 10.5 as it is the latest that will run on PowerPC.

August 25, 2015

August 25, 2015

Today was a long day, but at least tomorrow is looking to be a bit better I hope. I don’t have as much that I need to do but I still have a lot that I should do really. I have a lot of weeding to do for people, which is one of the things I really hate to do, but it is work.

I don’t mind weeding in the morning so much as the grass is usually soaking wet, so I can use that as a way to kill some time really. The best thing was that it wasn’t that hot today so I didn’t suffer, and tomorrow should be nice too!