August 31, 2008

August 31, 2008

Well here is a funny little story. I decided to install Ubuntu on my Averatec and the Toshiba is next. I got bit by the Ubuntu bug again. I did some work and I got NDISWRAPPER to work and my Averatec WiFi is working great now. Maybe I will get this to work well enough to keep for a change.

Weather was home made pizza that was great. The sauce was even home made. It was really crispy too. The weather was warm and I didn’t have to mow any lawns so I got off lucky with that. Tomorrow will be 85 and sunny tomorrow.


August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008

Well I had a bit of an idea. I seen one of those new Acer Aspire One netbooks yesterday and started to get an idea. These things are really starting to get popular now so here is my idea. Make them more like a PDA. This could be a great idea. They could make software to sync files back and forth and maybe use it to install programs that could be compiled for the software. I had this idea since most of the people who are buying one will use it for a second, smaller travel computer and not as the only one they have.

This is something that I would love to have for my Averatec really. Some days it’s a real pain to keep the files synced up. I have my documents folder and picture folders that I would like to keep synced up. The only way I know besides manually doing it is to sync a flash drive. There are some free programs that can sync one folder at a time.

My idea was to have a small docking station or a standard mini USB cable. I would prefer the docking station since it could be better and provide a easy way to store and charge the computer. They could have 2 versions of the docking station, one that would be a basic dock, and one that would have ports on it to use as another computer. This docking station can also be part of a full computer. You could have it connected to the top of the tower to be ready for use anytime.

I said that I saw the Aspire One yesterday so here is a little bit of what I thought of it. I didn’t like the touchpad at all. It was too sensitive and I couldn’t adjust it to be much slower, and the buttons were on the sides. Could I get used to the different button locations? I won’t know since I will not be buying one. The model they had there was the one with 8GB of flash memory and Linux. It was 309 on sale.

Well, I have some good news. I set up my old Vaio again to play around with. This computer is a 1.4GHZ Pentium 4, with 256MB of RDRAM. This is the super expensive stuff so it will only have the 4 sticks of 64MB unless someone wants to give me some for free. It will be running Ubuntu 8.04 for now, and will be upgraded to 8.10 when its released.

So why set up, let alone use, this old beast? Well, this will allow me to play with Linux in a more controlled environment. If it doesn’t work, I still have Windows on one of the 5 laptops I have. Yes, I have 5 laptops and a desktop again so that makes 6 computers. This is great because I often end up reverting to Windows because Linux has some kind of issue that I usually don’t feel like fixing.

The Vaio is not a bad computer either as it has a 120GB hard drive and a pretty good graphics card. Everything works and I have no problems yet. I will need to see what happens. I am using a MX Revolution mouse and a BlueTooth Think OutSide keyboard. It is the slim one that needs 2 FN keys or numbers and symbols. I need to use a second keyboard though to log in and make sure the keyboard is paired.

Supper today was McDonalds. It was pretty good but I wasn’t really in the mood for it today. The weather was kind of hot today and tomorrow will be 83 and sunny. I hope that I don’t need to cut any grass tomorrow!

August 29, 2008

August 29, 2008

Well today was fun. We ended up going for pellets. I brought my Toshiba since I have it back now. I have to say in a way, I prefer the 15.4″ screen over the 10.6″ sometimes. The smaller screen is nicer since it has the same resolution pretty much because it can be easier to read text. Also the Averatec in particular has a smaller, though only slightly, keyboard. The touchpad can also be a bit of a pain to me too.

Sadly I also kind of missed having Vista. I would still prefer XP on the Toshiba for speed reasons and some added stability. I like the Vista interface really. It may crash a bit more then XP but it works. I don’t really need more speed since I am not really much of a power user.

Now, something you may have noticed is that I have a few more old entries posted. I would like to have gone in order from oldest to newest but since I use the Clie to do the untagging, I am doing them in alphabetical order as they appear in Documents To Go. I tried to do the work on a laptop and it just feels more annoying to me and takes longer. It’s so much easier to do it with a touch screen is you ask me. I do want to apologize that it is taking me so long.

I have been thinking lately. As some people know I used to review stuff. I might bring it back. I am not really sure because some of my reviews really lacked a professional look to me. I may try and rewrite some of them also. You can leave your say in the comments if you wish. I would like to have some retrospective reviews too, as they always interest me. I like to see how something old can work in today’s world. Sometimes an old computer can be just as useful as a new one.

I would love to get one of the new Traxxas Slayer trucks. If anyone hasn’t seen this, it’s a nitro version of the Slash built around a Revo frame. The engine is a TRX 3.3 and the truck itself, like the Slash, is styled after short course racing trucks. The thing looks amazing and true to scale. Too bad its $480! I would love to get one since my buggy technically needs a new engine anyway.

Speaking of my buggy, I need to get some other stuff for it too. I need a new body, and I can really use new tires. I want to get a JP3 exhaust so I can get a little more power from the Force 26 engine. The engine I will get is the same as the stock one, because its only $110. Plus there was nothing wrong with the engine, so why not get a second?

The tires I will be getting come premounted and include rims. They are $30 a pair though but its worth it if I need to get rims too. The ones I am looking at are Proline Badlands. These look a lot like a dirt bike style tire. I will save my old tires for using on the road though.

Supper today was 2 beef pot pies and my parents had chicken ones. They were great for a change but I am in the mood for the one from Sams Club with the mashed potatoes inside. The weather was nice and we even got a very little bit of rain. Tomorrow is 80 and isolated thunder storms

August 28, 2008

August 28, 2008

Well I want to start off by saying that my Toshiba came back last night. I wasn’t home and found the box on the porch when I got home. I am really glad to have it back. I missed having a computer with enough hard drive space to actually have files on it. I also have another bit of good news for today…

How many people remember me having a server? How many remember why I took it down? That was because my dad wanted to set something up to view the security cameras online but we never did it. So I present to you the new site. This blog, until further notice, will stay on Word Press. This site will be for experimenting with only. I will post a link when I have it setup and running.

So my Toshiba came back and I think you’re all wondering if they fixed it since it was back so fast. Yes, they did fix it, and fast too! They replaced the entire screen for me. I sent it Thursday and they got it Monday. So they only had it for one day. I am also thinking of trying to find proper drivers and install XP. Finding the drivers will be a major pain though.

Supper today was Salisbury patties with baked potato and fried zucchini that was breaded. It was great too. The weather was cool and cloudy today. We wanted to get pellets but we didn’t trust the weather. Tomorrow is 77 and AM showers.

August 27, 2008

August 27, 2008

Well I just hate computers anymore. I have a car trip today and everything has gone horrible today. I will start from the beginning last night. I decided to put my 80GB hard drive into the Averatec so I could use it for music. Well, I have 42GB of music and my friend gave me some but when i combined the files it was 68GB and I don’t have enough space on my Averatec even with 80GB. So I pretty much installed Windows again for nothing.

So I thought I could use the iPod. I installed iTunes and this horrible excuse for a program won’t load. Well that was a epic failure. I install some program called Yamipod. This is a fail too. I deleted all the music on It trying to get it to work. I then tried SongBird and that too is a fail. So I try Winamp and get it to work. It was 3AM and I wanted to sleep do I did. I woke up to the Averatrec being closed. So now I have no music since it was taking too long.

Lucky for me, I remembered I still have my music on the external before it was combined with friends. So I need to transfer this in the car while I type this, then import into Windows Media Player and I will have some music. Lucky for me I have the Clie with some Weezer and Barenaked Ladies to use until that is done.

So yeah, I really like Weezer a lot. I love the new CD a lot. Pork and Beans is one of my favorite songs for sure. Everybody Get Dangerous, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, and Trouble Maker are some of my other favorites. I also love Heart Songs though too. It is great that I try and listen to other types of music. While I do like techno I try to be more open. I still don’t care for rap all that much though but I do like the stuff that goremy does on YouTube. I also like nerd rap like YTCracker.

The fair was really fun today too and yes this will be a late entry, in case you don’t already know! The weather was kind of hot today but cooled down nicely later on. As you may have noticed this is quite shorter then what you should expect from a car trip day. Why is it shorter then it should be? I ended up walking around quite a bit. I made the mistake of wearing new shoes and now I have blisters on my toes but it was worth it.

I didn’t even take that many pictures since there wasn’t much I wanted to take a picture of. So what did I really do today? Like I just said I ended up walking around. There was a Poco concert, two actually, that I caught bits of. I had more fun walking around really. The food thing today is really interesting though! I tried alligator meat and it really does taste a lot like chicken. I, also tried maple ice cream. My supper though was chicken fingers. I am afraid that I will not have a weather thing for tomorrow.

August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008

As I am sure many of you know that I am addicted to energy drinks, I have some real good news. I found a great source of energy drinks. I was at Dollar Tree and found an energy drink called Lost. It just so happens to be a 24 ounce can and the drink is made by one of my faverite brands, Monster. It tastes a lot like Monster too! I picked up another 12 cans so I am all good for awhile. Now I got 12 drinks for about the same price as I would pay for 4 of the Monster ones since they are $2.70 now.

I decided to upgrade the Averatec to a 80GB hard drive today so I can have some more free space. I reinstalled Windows and I will be using the MP3 files since I am missing 600 files when I use WMA after the conversion. Supper today was hot dogs and French fries. The weather was great today and will be 78 and sunny tomorrow.

August 25, 2008

August 25, 2008

Well this is a going to funny. I am going to start learning C++ again. It is back to school time and I have been feeling kind of lazy lately. My friend is gone to school and I need something to do so I chose learning something. I am using an online guide from as I did before.

I also want to keep working on the various projects I have been working on still. I have a lot of music left to convert, a bunch of blog entries to untag and post. I also want to try and get some of that Electronic Nightmares book written. Only thing is I have a lot to do but never seem to get anything.

Supper was potato pancakes and they came out great. We also picked up a 4×6 foot trailer for 500 bucks at Home Depot. That will be really useful for getting pellets. The weather was nice today and tomorrow will be 77 and sunny.