August 31, 2007

August 31, 2007

Well, yesterday was a short entry as I didn’t start it until later in the day. I wanted to get the server up and running as fast as I can. You may have also noticed that I am in the process of adding a server status to each page under the logo. Its already on the index page so it may just stay there. I have to ask for a favor though. If you see a forbidden page error, I need you to email me as I forgot to chmod 777 the server again. I need to do this when ever I add a new page. I will be making a new email account for the server soon.

Well, the server is an old laptop I had. The T20 actually. Since there is no user interface, the processor should be okay without a fan. This is a temporary solution though. The laptop sits on that Targus ChillHub I got. I check the uptime frequently to make sure that it doesn’t go down on me. As I have said before, its a 750MHZ Pentium 3 with 384MB of RAM.

The new domain really fits for me too. I mean, (that :81 is needed) is perfect for a Linux geek like me. The server is hosted on Linux too. The server is a LAMPP server. Thats an Apache server. I can’t remember what it means and I am too lazy to go look it up. I do know that its a Linux Apache server with SQL and PHP.

I can control the server through SSH and FTP too. Very cool if ya ask me. I am trying to find a good SSH client for my iPAQ. I would get one for my NEC too if it had a WiFi card. I have an FTP client for my iPAQ and even on my NEC with Total Commander. Not only is it the best freeware file manager but its also a FTP client!

You know, I would love to learn to touch type. It would really speed up my typing and make it possible to type in the dark. I am still pretty fast for the two finger typing. Well, sometimes I use my other fingers If they are really close to the letter I need. I use the pinky finger for the shift key. I also use my thumbs for the space bar. My friend just uses the index fingers only. Thats so annoying to need to reach down for the space bar. and the pinky is perfect for the shift and enter keys

Thats another reason I really like the TrackPoint mouse. Its so much faster then using the touch pad. You don’t need to move your fingers from the home row. and your thumb is perfect for the buttons when they are right under the space bar. Of course there is always the possibility of pressing a G H or B… Since the key is so close to the little nubby.

I got a haircut yesterday too. I feel a lot better now. I love having really short hair! It doesn’t get in the way. That is the most annoying thing to me is really long hair. It just gets in your face and annoys you. I would rather be bald sometimes. When you sweat, your head gets drenched!

Well, I have started to try to find WiFi when ever I can now to check on th server. I am not worried about it staying up really as I know Ubuntu is really stable. I am worried about it shutting off because it over heated. That would be really bad for me. I also need to find a good place for it that its not in the way but I can get it when ever I need it.

I can not wait for the fall weather. Its just so hot here! I hate summer so much!!! I want to be outside but I can’t. I end up getting annoyed and going back inside. I would love to use my RC more. I have been preparing it for the fall. Mostly cleaning it. I am tuning the engine nice. I went to put on my shaft starter too and guess what? I can’t find the starter shaft! I don’t know where I put it but I am sure I will find it soon enough. If not, I am fine with th pull starter for now.

I decided to get a small air compressor for cleaning the car. I am sick of trying to dig out the huge 10 gallon on form the shed. We got This from Harbor Freight for only 70 bucks! Pretty great deal huh?

I would love to get a real server like the IBM Z series. I would get one if I had the money but they are a lot of money! I think they cost over a million dollars! Way to much for me. Well, my site is very basic and probably draws very little use from the server.

You know sometimes I really miss having that Treo. It was so much easier to use in the car. Of course it is pretty much useless for me to have a Treo and not even have service. The data plan on Verizon would kill me! I would love to one of the devices that HTC makes without the cell phone part. Hell, even a Motorola Q without the phone.

One of the problems of having a laptop in the car is the sun on the screen. I forgot to clean mine so its covered in dust and the sun makes it all show. I have to start carrying a bottle of the cleaner and my cloth with me anymore. I have the backpack case, why not keep some stuff in it?

I am going to try and use my iPAQ more anymore. I figure I paid enough for the keyboard. I might as well give it some use right! Of course, when I work on these entries in… I save them as a .odt file. So thats a little bit of a problem now isn’t it? The best thing though is using it for my the internet. Better then a magazine by far!

You know, I have been thinking of turning my buggy into a truggy. This would be better as a truggy is higher off the ground like a monster truck but handles good like a buggy. This would mean getting truck tires and rims, plus the adapters, and redoing the gear ratio. So the main question is it worth the money? It wold run better in the yard though.


August 30, 2007

August 30, 2007

Okay the concert was great so here is just a short summary of today!

The freezer is working again.

I got another 2GB SD card for my camera


August 29, 2007

August 29, 2007

Well, its back to Syracuse today for the second time. This time we are going to see America. Last time it was Poco, Pure Prairie League, and Fire Fall. The annoying thing is last time it was hot as hell and guess what today’s forecast for today is there? 91 again! Ugh!!!! Why must it be hot as hell? They pick the best days for these state fairs huh???

Well this is just great, our fridge broke again. The freezer door was open a bit last night and now the temperature isn’t going down enough. Well I guess the good thing is that we won’t be home to worry about it. We unplugged it so it won’t cause a fire, and we have everything we need in coolers with ice. Lets hope the rest of today turns out to be better.

Well, I have to use the Acer on car trips now. I guess its not really that cramped but I do like using a smaller computer regardlessly. Its a lot easier to use the smaller one. The T20 all the more because it has a TrackPoint mouse. They are easier to use in the back of a car really. They require less arm movement for instance.,
Ah the joy of road construction. On the turn pike besides! Down to 1 lane travel. FUN! I don’t even see anyone working on the closed lane so what gives? Well, I guess its going to be a long ride today.

I have to say, I am really liking the smaller desk. I find the having less room for junk keeps it cleaner for me. This is a big help for me since I am very messy. I have a stand that I keep stuff on like my printer. Its a nice solution for me. Since the shared laser doesn’t always get detected for me.

I don’t know if I said this yesterday but I took my router back since I decided I didn’t really need it. This gave me some more room really. I can’t stand cluttered wires! A router needs at least 2 cables too! If it wasn’t for my light, I would only have 1 cable for the laptop. That would be great! I have a wireless mouse so theres no clutter there! Personally, I think everything should be wireless where possible.

We had to take our phones back yesterday too. I forgot to mention that! They were sounding very badly. We got the same ones of course. They really are a nice phone. Theres the one flaw though: the Verizon operating system on them. Kind of ruins the idea of buying a phone because of the features. The phone would be the same exact thing if it was made by Motorola. There would be no differences.

As you can see, the site was dormant for a good 10 days. I apologize for my laziness. I will be trying to get more entries up soon. Hopefully they will be more organized, unlike today’s! Most of today’s is stuff that pops into my head.

Well, today was the first day of school here. Lucky for me, I DON’T NEED TO GO ANYMORE!

I am still undecided about college. I want to go but don’t in a way. I am just so sick of school. Always being tested on crap. Though if I do go, I am going for Computer Software Engineering. Fun field if your a geek like me. I love computers so its a natural for me.

Nothing like happy hardcore on a car trip. I have my Zen Vision M with me so I have some good tunes. While the tunes are on my laptop too, I have never tried playing WMA on Linux. That is why I have the MP3 player though right? The only thing I wish I had was one with a removable battery.

I have to say, I am dying for some Chinese food. I love that stuff! I would love a nice big plate of chicken fried rice right now, something the buffet doesn’t have! That and I would also love a nice ice cold StarBucks frappuchino. Vanilla of course! I love them things! All part of being a caffeine lover I suppose. I could also go for a slice of Dominoes pizza. Pepperoni is the best when you cover it in blue cheese.

I was smart enough to bring the laptop cooler today. I am at 46 C so pretty good. I have it on “Power Save” to have it at 800MHZ even though I am on the adapter. I love having an inverter. I hate when my laptop runs hot and its during the summer. In the winter its nice since its cold.

I noticed I can stay up on the way home easier now. Maybe its because its summer. Now I could only see my keyboard at night haha.

August 19, 2007

August 19, 2007

Well, the new router is working out great for me. I was only getting 66% even when next to it at first but I found at that it was the horrible BroadCom support so I am now using NDISWRAPPER. So far it seems to be much better then the drivers they made. I can get the full speed now too! Now I need to see how long the card stays working before I need to reboot.

Lucky for me, all I need to do is a little weed whacking today. I don’t need to mow any lawns today! I don’t mind cutting grass but its just so tiring. I would love to get more lawns to cut since until I get my license, its my only source of income. I will get a real job eventually but I am waiting until next year.

Well, we went to Office Depot and they had a very nice camera on clearance so we picked it up. Its a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ5. It has a 6X optical zoom and is a 6MP camera. Here are some nice macro mode pictures I took with it.

August 18, 2007

August 18, 2007

Well, its Saturday once again so guess where I am going! The Chinese buffet! Yep, I go there a lot lately. I love Chinese food, especially buffets! We are going to that new one again. We are going for lunch though of course this time. No crab legs but its still great food.

Well, yesterday was fun. I helped a friend from school pick out a new laptop. He got a VAIO CR series in red from Best Buy. He got a damn nice computer for a pretty good price. It has 2GB of RAM which is really needed for Vista. Still, I can’t help but being cheap and getting a budget model.

Well, I cleaned my room up again. I got rid of a lot of crap only keeping what I really need. This included my printer. I gave my dad back the UPS for the pellet stove since fall is coming. The only PDAs I have downstairs are my iPAQ and NEC. They are not on the desk though but in a drawer. I am trying to cut my dependence on the iPAQ. I only have my laptops on the main desk and on the little side desk I have my MP3 player and phone with my headset. I figure its the best way to keep this organized.

Well, I am getting Linux more to my liking. I have, as I said before, decided to not give up this time. I will NOT go back to Windows. I have gotten my ThinkPad T20 set to have some great battery life too. The estimate right now says FOUR hours. I don’t know how true that is but if I can get 4 hours without the WiFi on… I will be very surprised. I also have the Acer very close to fool proof. Sure my WiFi is a little funky but its easy enough to reboot the computer.

Guess what I got! A NEW ROUTER! I got a D-Link DIR-615. This one is a Draft N router. I got it for 50 bucks! This is for my room so I can have a better signal in my room. Pretty great deal for a Draft N router huh?

Hey, I found a supply of those quick release connectors that my neck strap has. They are part of a calculator at Dollar Tree! The strap is a little small…

August 12, 2007

August 12, 2007

Well, I know I neglected to make an entry for yesterday. Well, I will give you a short summary of what happened. I went for Chinese food! I went to the mall and for pizza with my friend, his brother and sister, and their dad. It was pretty fun and it something I rarely do.

Today was a good day too. I got to play with a bladed weed whacker a little bit. It was too hard for me to get use to and I wanted to get finished so I let my dad and the guy I mow the lawn for play with it. It has a clutch so that makes it hard to get use to for me.
I also got a new thing today. I got a Targus Notebook Chill Hub. This is a notebook cooler with a 4 port USB hub. This is a lot better then my Antec by far. The thing blows air under the laptop. This means that its not taking the air from the underside and competes with the vents. This forces the air into the vent. It also has a power adapter. Good thing as I can use it as a hub too!

I have decided that I will not get sendmail. They are being pretty mean about interest in the bank. Its 1% now. I don’t post much as I don’t have much to say. Maybe I will get it, but I doubt it. Its just too much hassle for something so stupid. Maybe I will get the custom 404 though. This would make it better for when I KILL THE CODE!

Speaking of me killing the code, I ask that you join my forums once again. There is a error reporting forum there. This will help me fix the code since I tend to mess it up a lot. If I buy the 404 page, it will tell you this basic stuff.

The phone is so far so good. The bad thing is that kit I got… I took it back. I got a pouch case for it. This is much better then Verizon one I had. I also had my dad order us both a new headset as the ear hook on his is cracked. We are getting 2 of them for 25 bucks each. This means that two headsets cost us 50 bucks. Great deal huh!

August 9, 2007

August 9, 2007

Well, guess who decided to go back to Linux. That’s right, I just don’t learn ha ha! I am using Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn” once again. I will probably upgrade to 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” once its out in October. I have it working great on the IBM and plan to get it working just as great on the Acer. I will not give up this time!

Sorry for the short entry, I am still messing with stuff on Ubuntu