October 31, 2007

October 31, 2007

Well, with the recent coldness, I sure am loving my Acer. Really great thing! Its pretty much a space heater! When its cold, all you need to do is use it and if your on the adapter, just make it run at the full power. Since its gets up to near 70C you will really warm up fast!

So, I have went back to XP like I said. I decided this time to do a little more minimal approach this time. I usually install Notebook Hardware Control for my Acer to clock the CPU down to its lowest. I figure that to save the little bit of extra battery life, its not really worth it.

I have also decided to try and use Windows Media Player for my music. This is because the media buttons on my Acer don’t work with Winamp. The main problem I have is that when I play my stream, it doesn’t display the current track in the player. I guess I could use the web page it loads in the player to see whats playing but I like compact mode.

Truth, while I love Firefox and Thunderbird, I wish I didn’t need to use them. Why can’t the Microsoft ones be as good? Is it really that hard? The reason I hate using them is that they are something I need to install on my computer. That makes a restore take time since I need to add a lotof new programs to it.

My dad ordered us a new telescope. Its a Meade DS2114. It has the Newtonian reflector type and costs about 300 bucks. We are getting it free though since my dad gets points at work and he has enough to get this.

Its not the greatest telescope in the world but for free its great. It has the Autostar control with it. Its also a motorized one so its really easy to use. Its also a lot smaller then my old one so we will actually be able to use this one.

The telescope has a 4.5 inch (114MM) aperture. This makes it good since it will let a lot of light in. I have looked into getting a camera adapter for it but they are not cheap and would need too long to take a good picture.

I got my drivers permit renewed today also. This is good since now I have a year more to learn. This is good since I don’t know how to parallel park yet. I am learning though it takes time. I also need to learn to do some other stuff like drive at night and in the rain. Plus its almost winter now.

I had a very good dinner today. A 24 ounce porterhouse steak, a baked potato and a salad. Very very very good! It was good as the Bonanza steaks! It was one of the good baked potatoes in the oven an not the microwave! I was really looking forward to it!

I have been looking at some books lately… Mainly, I was looking at the web design books at Barnes and Nobles. I would love to learn to do more with this site. The thing is the books are 40 bucks a piece! I could find the same information on the Internet for free.

I could get the main stuff I need like how to do HTML easily. I could find some stuff like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) makers too, just a little harder. It would be nice to make this site a little more then basic HTML. I could use the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to make buttons. I would also like to make some background stuff too. I will have to look later on tonight

Since its Halloween, I got to wonder who dressed up today. Of course, I didn’t but I can be a Computer Software Engineer! That means I won’t go out tonight and I will stay on my computer and code! Fun Fun Fun!!!

October 29, 2007

October 29, 2007

Well, I have been experimenting a bit lately. I did a hard reset on the iPAQ and now I am putting programs on it. I have seen some pretty cool ones too. I have to say, I am starting to think that the iPhone is the greatest thing that has ever happened for Pocket PC and Palm users. There are starting to be more and more applications that emulate the iPhone really. Here are some examples of the programs I have installed that provide something similar to the iPhone.

The first example has to be Touch Commander. This is very similar to TouchFLO on the HTC Touch. Very neat little program. You have the 3 panes. One is the media pane, the next two are shortcut panes. One is to some of your common applications, and the other is mainly meant for contacts but I have mine set to applications also. I have it set to pull up when I hit my never used record button.

Next up is the new Pocket Player. This has a touch interface too. This is only for when you are browsing media but I am hoping the next version will build on this. Its a flick scroll also.

The final application I have installed that features this is the SPB Pocket Plus program. This has whats called smart scrolling as one of the things you can enable. This doesn’t work in all programs though however. Only the ones listed. Also like Pocket Player, its the flick scroll method.

There are also some iPhone like keyboards that are available. I have tried two so far and didn’t like either. I will keep looking because I could use a program that would let me do data input without a stylus. Of course when I have a big thing to do I will reach for my trusty Bluetooth Stowaway.

Since its close to Halloween I have been starting to watch some scary movies. I know its a little late now but I watched Saw III on line last night. Someone decided to upload it to Google Video so I watched it. I didn’t see one or two however. Tonight I plan on Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Of course we all know a scary movie is best watched in the pitch black room.

Saw was a very good movie and I am shocked. I always thought it was about people being tortured and seen it as a sick movie. I decided to give it a try and just watch it. The one I seen was the unrated edition apparently. It was a little longer and showed more gore. I will be kind and not spoil anything but WOW that was just great. A great site is AllUC.org since that is where I found the movie.

I have to ask something… What is with the new trend of these all in one computers. What is the point of buying a desktop that you can’t update? Thats like buying a laptop that you can’t use as a portable computer. If I am going to get a computer that you can’t update, I will get a laptop. Sorry but there is no point in a computer that you can’t update…

I think that battery in my iPAQ is going as it doesn’t seem to be lasting nearly as long as it use to. Maybe its the PSP charger though. Its the same output as the iPAQ one though so it shouldn’t matter. I use it to make my life easier with only one plug. I will try and use it more and see it it decided that it wants to recalibrate itself. I am using the Stowaway more too. Since I paid 80 bucks for it, I think I should at least use it.

October 28, 2007

October 28, 2007

Well my Ubuntu fixation was very short lived this time. I am not going to deal with this crap this time. Once my WiFi started acting up, I decided that I was just going to go back. I would like to use my PDA more so going back was a good choice. Plus, using XP is good since I can install programs easier. There are a lot of programs for Windows you know! I have decided that Linux just isn’t worth the hassle.

We tried out that new Senseo and wow that thing is cool. All you need to do is put the water on, place the coffee pod in the holder and hit the button. Pretty cool! The coffee is good too. Add a little sugar, a little milk, and you have one damn good cup of coffee really quick. Plus we seen something online that is a refillable pod.

Tonight the temperature will drop below freezing. Its getting cold now. Soon it will snow I hope! If it snows then I will make money since I will be able to shovel snow for money! I know I have one person that will want me to do it and he has a large snow blower, plus my grandparents have one too.

I have decided that when I code, I will start making it more organized. I will add blank lines between sections since they will not add anything to the code. This makes it easier to code in sections like a paragraph or list is one section. Otherwise its all bunched together.

So, since I didn’t get a really good chance yesterday, I want to talk more about that me looking the iPhone thing… Yes, the very object I hated since it was even announced, is actually not that bad. I played with it for the first time and I have to say if it wasn’t for the price I may have wanted to buy one…

One flaw is the keyboard for me. I need to have an easy way to do HTML. There is no word processor either. Maybe if it had a better keyboard that had the angle brackets on it and number row, I might be more willing to buy one.I would buy the iPod one first off all since it is 16GB and no phone for same price.

October 27, 2007

October 27, 2007

The news page is also back up and running. I have to say that I am proud of where the site is going and I intend on keeping up content. This is so I can try and make the site a little more fun. So far it has served as a simple Blog for me to rant and discuss whats going on with. Well, now I want to diversify the site.

You have also noticed I have learned a new trick for coding. You can use a line break tag inside of the paragraph tag to make it skip to the next line. Pretty cool if you ask me. I want to keep this blog in a slightly different format also. It will now read as a book style writing. This means I will use tabs and such and only one paragraph tag. Why? It looks better! Sadly, I can’t since there is one problem… There is always a problem! I don’t know how to make it put in a tab! I will look it up and maybe tomorrow will have it.

Since I have switched over to Linux, I will investigate the copyright laws on using the Ubuntu logo. If its allowed, you may see it in the corner of the page. There will also be the addition of an OpenOffice.org logo since they allow you to use it. This is not to advertise for them, but it is to let people know what I am using.

Well, I had to restart the thing today. I shut off the WiFi which decided to make the card disappear. This is a weird problem. Still, I had some good uptime. One week without a restart is pretty good of you ask me! Of course leaving WiFi on would be nice but it drains a little more power then I like. I know that it wouldn’t be that much of a difference if I left it on or not but I would like my battery to last me as long as possible. I use the laptops in the car a lot and do not wish to carry an inverter everywhere.

I have decided that I do not use my Acer enough anymore. It only sits on the desk… Sure I use it but I rarely use the battery on it. This is why I took it in the car today. The T20 is good for the car though since the ThinkLight keeps the thing usable once night hits. The main reason I need the light is because I do not know the keyboard by heart. Maybe I will one day but until that day comes I can type great on the 2 finger method!

I was having some fun at the ATT store before. The guy was saying that the iPhone is unhackable. He also claimes there is no SIM card. Yeah… If you are going to work in a place like this, please have a little common knowledge. I got to say, I enjoyed annoying him since I knew I was right and prove it.

I finally got a chance to play with… AN IPHONE!!!!!! I have to say, while I did like it, I would NEVER buy it. 400 bucks for a phone is just crazy. I could get the phoneless iPod Touch, but 400 for a 16GB MP3 player is also crazy. Sorry Apple, I’m not a sheep. I know a ripoff when I see one.

I have decided that the PDAs I have need to get some more use. I have started to type some crap on my NEC and iPAQ lately. This is to get more use out of them. I also have found that the iPAQ handles the Graffiti writing better then my Palm.

We got one of those coffee makers that uses the little pods today on clearance for 100 bucks off so it was only 40 bucks. We also got a ton of the pods really cheap. We also got some good coffee from Sheets since we had 2 free ones.

Sorry for the late entry, it was a very busy day!

October 26, 2007

October 26, 2007

You may have seen the new page I put up… This is a page that I am getting the content from with a thread I made on the Ubuntu forums. I may be doing a similar page page on another forum. I could do a few of these since they are something I like. I hope you enjoy the page. Here is a link for you.

This page will not appear in the updates since I update it a lot. The time is, however, included in th last updated. Sorry if its a little hard to follow for you since I just lump it all together. I may end up making it 5 words per line since that is how its on the thread.

So I have gotten pretty far in the Final Fantasy game. I have all 4 crystals restored and I am now doing some of the optional dungeons before I do get ready to finish the game. This game is a game that I may end up playing more then once since you can experiment with a different party. Plus the game is just plain fun!

Well we are getting a lot of rain here lately. Tonight into tomorrow calls for another inch to an inch and a half. Just think, if this was snow that would be a foot to a foot and a half! The temperature is getting colder here next week will be in the 50s all day and 30s at night! BRRR! Good thing for us we have a whole ton of pellets at the house for the stove to keep us nice and warm.

October 24, 2007

October 24, 2007

I am doing something a little different for today. Instead of taking my laptop with me, I am going to take my NEC. Of course I need a little bit of use to adjust to the keyboard. I keep hitting the ctrl key instead of shift. The thing is also hard to balance as its so small. I figure that today I can take the NEC since its raining so no sun. I have probably mentioned that that the screen washes out in the sun.

I decided to take a break from my game for a bit today to extend the time I have it. I do not want to finish it too fast since then I will need to get another one. I need to save money thus I will be waiting to get a new game. I am thinking of reviewing the PSP but I don’t know where to start and what to cover. In a computer review its easy to do.

I have been running Linux on my Acer without a reset since I had to reinstall it on Saturday. I had to reinstall since I broke my network manager! I got the ThinkPad to work right too. The fan spins and the hibernation works now. I have to just get all my software installed again.

I also got my Acer set up perfectly. The only thing left to find is the installer for Picasa so I can upload my pictures when I take them. That uses the Windows application in a Wine install. Wine is a very useful program to have on any Linux installation. Sure you can’t install just any program on it, but its better then nothing.

I have to say I love this NEC a lot. I don’t get to use it as often I would really like to. I use to use it a lot when I was in school. It was great for taking notes on since it has the large screen and nice keyboard. I will just have to find more use.

October 23, 2007

October 23, 2007

Well, I have been thinking of getting a new PDA to use. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say new… I want to get an older one such as a new SJ33. There is nothing wrong with mine hardware wise really, but the case is in bad shape. The thing would make a great basic PDA to mess with. I would use the TJ25 I have that is in good shape hardware wise but the thing will not sync and the battery is shot.

The reason I want to go back to a Palm based PDA is that I use Linux now so Pocket PC is hard to use with Linux. I could only add applications from another computer with Windows and ActiveSync on it or by the CAB files. The problem is that its hard to find the CAB files sometimes. The best part of a Palm based PDA is that there is only one file for the applications no matter if its on the PC or PDA.

As you can see, I am taking a break from my game to make an entry… I have been playing the game since I got it on Friday for over 15 hours now! I have 2 of the 4 crystals restored. So now you see why today gets a short entry!