June 23, 2007

June 23, 2007

Well, looks like theres no good news to post today! Oh well, this is still 11 blog entries in a row.

Man I had some really weird WiFi problems last night! I pulled out my SD card from my PC card reader and the whole computer locked up. I held down the power button to restart and then my WiFi started to attack me mess up on me. I would enter my password for the keyring manager, then it would still ask me for the pass phrase for the network. Then it would ask me again 2 times. Sometimes it would say I was connected and I wasn’t. Nothing would load in Firefox. This happened twice to me.

I also need to figure out how to get my touch pad to stop being bumped while I am typing. If I didn’t notice it, this whole thing would be so messed up. If I ever find out how, I will just have to update this. There is always the option of turning off the tapping method. This is bad since I need to be able to tap since I am just so use to it. I will just have to see what happens.

Want to hear something really weird that I am having? If I suspend the laptop using the battery meter menu, my WiFi will not work when I resume the laptop. Why is that when I use the log out menu, it works fine. I am confused as to why its doing this but I am not ready to give up Linux. I like it too much to quit using it. To quote IBM, the future is open.

You know, Linux is getting pretty popular now. Look at the 3 distro’s that signed deals with Microsoft over a patent dispute. There is suppose to be like 200+ patents that Linux is using. I don’t believe it. Hey Bill, you corporate domination is starting to decline!

Ok, I don’t feel like wasting a news page for one thing… All I got to say is theres a iPod shuffle clone for 15 bucks now. Good job, thats all its worth anyway! The only way I would buy that is if I needed a MP3 player I didn’t care about. I love my Zen Vision M! If I didn’t have that, I could just use one of my PDA’s!

I got dad to spring and get a new weed whacker. Oh god did I need this bad! The one we got is a 25CC Craftsman one for 90 bucks. What I love is that it has the bump feed head and a 52″ strait shaft.


June 22, 2007

June 22, 2007

I will be only adding the News link to new pages for now. I do plan on adding to all pages though. I will add it to any pages I update too.

I am glad to say that this is 10 in a row! Yup, and 2 news pages too! Woo! These recent pages are even hand coded too. You can see that I have been pretty busy now!

Speaking of busy… I bet the fire temple in Zelda! So now I am on the water temple… I also got the giants wallet so I can hold 500 rupees now! Woo! I am on my way to getting the iron boots so I can get to the water temple. Wish me luck!

You know whats great about playing with HTML code? You can really mess around make a great website. HTML is a lot of fun to play with, plus its pretty easy to use. What makes it even better is that if you don’t know something with it, its very easy to Google it!

So far Linux is working great! The touch pad is still a little too touchy to me. The screen resolution is a little weird too. When you start a new session, you need to reset the resolution. It is still set right but its too big to fit the screen. Weird huh? Also, the suspend LED flashes after you suspend or hibernate the laptop. I can deal with this! I rather use this then Windows! I can’t find a way to lock my CPU to 800MHZ on battery. Oh well…

I am really glad that its summer. Once I learn to parallel park, I can get my drivers license. I am really looking forward to getting a real job so I can start getting money for myself!

June 20, 2007

June 20, 2007

Well look at this, 8 entries in a row! This site is really getting good now! Infact, I am thinking of adding a new page! The new page will be news and stuff that I find online that I find interesting. News will be found on Digg, Engadget, and some PDA sites. I would also like to add some pages from other sites that I enjoy, like RinkWorks, Wikipedia, and Snopes

Okay, I lied. I am dabbling in Linux once again on my Acer. This time however, I did get the graphics card working just fine. I just had to go into the xorg.conf file and add my resolution to the list. This made it work just fine for me. The touch pad is still a problem though and I am trying to get that working.

There is also another problem with Linux, making this site. I enjoy using DreamWeaver and I can not get this program to work in WINE. I can always dual boot or try VMWare. This would be a installation of Windows running inside the installation of Linux. This would be a solution but is also annoying. There is one thing I can do, and will do, that will work just perfectly!

I will use Ubuntu on the IBM ThinkPad T20 when ever he decides to start the trade. This will allow me to keep the installation of XP on my Acer. I was smart enough to install Linux on a different hard drive to keep my Windows one from the Acer just fine and dandy. I can just switch the hard drives and run either Windows or Linux. I also have an install of Ubuntu on the good old IBM ThinkPad 570 too that I can play with! Fun times there!

Ever feel like not using a flash drive because the file is just too small to be worth it. I feel like that a lot of times now. I use mine to transport very small files that don’t even deserve a floppy disk! I am talking about simple documents like this page. I usually use a very small memory card anymore too.

I am getting more use of the NEC MobilePro a lot more now. I am using it as much as I can but I can’t use it outside. The screen, as I have said a million times before, is impossible to see outside! The screen is BLANK outside, which is a real shame. This makes a great laptop as its so small. Too bad really, as I only do my website on these trips.

Has anyone heard anything new on the Asus Eee PC yet? I heard that the 16GB model will be 400 bucks and be available in the UK in a few weeks. I also heard that it will be running a version of Linux that looks like Windows XP. I still want one of these things! They are the perfect road trip computer. Plus that they run Linux, and that just makes is so much better!

After that rain yesterday, the grass really grew! Wow! I will have to mow the lawn before I can run my buggy! That is the worst part of having a buggy is that they are totally killed by tall grass! I would love to make a truggy but that will cost me a ton of money to make. The tires and wheels would be about 100 dollars, if not more, alone! This doesn’t include everything else I would need. Too bad really as they are more stable then a monster truck!

I think RC is getting more serious. Look at companies like Traxxas and Duratrax! They are making more and more advancements to me. Traxxas has gone from the 2.5 to the 3.3, and now they are selling brushless motors. Duratrax is even making a truggy now! I would love to see Traxxas make a 1/8 scale buggy! I love buggies and would like to see them make one. Traxxas redefined the monster truck and I would love to see what they could do with a buggy chassis.

June 19, 2007

June 19, 2007

Well look what we have here! This makes 7 entries in a row! Bravo to me.

I am glad that I have some free time today to get this done early and make it nice and long! Its too hot out today, and my friend doesn’t want to come out so I have a lot of free time. I am also taking a break from Zelda today! I do know one thing though, I am pretty bored today…

I have some good news though, DJ No Left Turn posted a new mix! It was a few weeks ago but I just listened to it last night before I went to bed. Its called Sincerely, Digital. I listened to it on my old SJ33 for laughs. I have to say, that 4 year old PDA sounds great! Shame that its not Palm OS 5.

I am also glad to say that I will be sticking with Windows on my Acer from now on! Linux is nice, in fact I am using it now on my IBM ThinkPad 570, buts its just too much hassle to get it working just right. Once I get my T20 though, I will be using Linux on it. I really like using Linux so I want to have one computer with it at least. I will probably reinstall Windows on this 570 once I get the T20 though.

Ever look at some old technology and just want to use it for fun? I have been like that lately, I mean I am using the old IBM right now! I am kind of upset that floppy disks are gone. We probably could have made them faster and hold more data! Ok I am just kidding there! I still prefer my flash drives any day. I think what we should start making standard is the SD card slot. I would love to be able to use my SD card in any computer like a flash drive, then pop it back into my iPAQ. With a laptop though, you can use a PCMCIA adapter. With a desktop on the other hand, you need a card reader. I rather have these built in! Hell, even a PCMCIA slot on desktops would be good enough. I have USB card readers on my laptop.

Speaking of USB, I can’t stand it now that I have a laptop. I hate it since my USB ports are in a bad spot for me… They are on the right side, which is the side where my mouse goes. If I had a rear port, I would be able to use a hub a lot easier. This would let me have my PDA connected too, since the cable interferes with my mouse area!

I also think that we need to start getting USB host into every PDA and phone now. I need USB host for simplicity sake. I rather carry a flash drive then anything like a card reader. I use my flash drive to hold my website and some other odd files. I also like to have some portable applications for back up.

We had one hell of a thunderstorm here today! Wow, what a storm! We had a lot of thunder and lightning! LOUD THUNDER TOO! We had one right above the house that was loud as hell. There will be more coming later tonight too! I love strong storms! I rather watch a storm then watch TV!

I am also glad to say that I updated the links page as well! Sorry for the late entry again, I guess this will start to be the normal time for posting them!

June 18, 2007

June 18, 2007

Wow, 6 entries in a row! I really getting this site up and running now!

I am pretty bummed that once again, Linux has failed me. It seams that every time I try using Linux, the littlest problems always make it a big mistake. I was smart enough this time to use a second hard drive. Once I do get my T20, I will try the Linux on that too. If everything holds out, I will be happy enough to use it a lot.

If I ever do get Linux fully working, I will use the 80GB hard drive in the T20. I will then place the 40GB from the T20 into my enclosure. This will be helpful since I don’t need much as far as back up space goes. My enclosure is just a place to hold files for backup.

I am getting upset to say that this weekend is the last episode of Stargate SG1. Very upsetting since it is one of the few shows I enjoy watching. I am sure they will be making a new series. I will be pretty bored once its over! Friday is a pretty boring night as far as being on the computer goes.

Well, my TiVo is messed up on me. I think I mentioned this yesterday though. I am thinking the tuner is shot. I should be swapping it with one of other ones soon. I will end up ripping the drive from the broken TiVo and seeing what I can use it for. It is a 40GB desktop drive I think.

I am sorry for this short and late entry… Zelda has been keeping me busy! I am in the fire temple now!

June 17, 2008

June 17, 2007

Well, this is another late entry but is my fifth one in a row! The site is finally getting stronger. Maybe I can break 200KB by the end of the month! I also want to take this time to say…


I went down my grandparents house for dinner today. That wasn’t too bad as my cousins were there. I brought my laptop and actually tried to play Half Life 2 again and it just won’t work for me. I am probably going to uninstall it from my laptop soon. Its just not worth the hassle to me. I can’t get anywhere in it because it keeps crashing my computer!!!

I am also planning on getting my RC car a new body soon. The OFNA one is starting ti get cracked pretty bad now. I will probably paint in a single color like the Hummer I did last summer for my SportMaxx. It is kind of annoying to have to paint them but they look better to me. I would also like to get a new engine soon but I am in no hurry.

There is only one thing I hate about RC. My local hobby shops do not stock OFNA parts. It seems that in the RC world, Traxxas is the Apple of RC. The Maxx series is the iPod. Most everything seems to be for the Maxx trucks. But unlike the iPod, the Maxx series is actually good! Too bad mine broke so much that it wasn’t worth even keeping. Its still in my attic though…

You know what would be great? If I had a better WiFi card so I could run Linux on my Acer. Linus truly is the best choice for a computer, if they ever get the hardware working! I just wish Broadcom would release the drivers (or code for drivers to be made from at the very least!) for Linux.

I also have news bout one of my trades… the screen from NX70 won’t work in the 80 so she said maybe she will trade the NX70. I am still waiting on Alex to get the second T20 from eBay for the screen swap also. I will be trading a 120GB hard drive for the NX70 if she says yes. The T20 is still for the Treo 650. I hope these trades go through soon as I would love a working Palm OS PDA to play with. The Treo doesn’t count as working since I have Verizon, not Cingular. The T20 will be my working laptop. I will use it for when I rather not use Acer, such as in the car on trips. I will also use it a lot though as I do like the TrackPoint.

I am also glad to say that I got a better guide for Zelda that gives me a LOT more information.

I am also upset to say that my TiVo is having problems. It will not see my satellite dish at all.

June 15, 2007

June 15, 2007

Well, my chair broke last night! It is leaning pretty badly to the left. I mean it is bad enough that the chair is tilted! This is one of those days that makes me glad I have a laptop. At least I can use the couch or my bed as a chair! Too bad that my chair broke as I have been getting pretty far in Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the only TV I can use my Nintendo 64 on is my room TV. I had to take my TV and Nintendo into the living room. We are going to try and weld the chair before we buy a new one…

Well, I think that Linux is doomed. There are now 3 “partnerships” with Microsoft. Novell, Xandros, and now Linspire. I see this as Microsoft’s way of narrowing the competition. They claim they are infringing on patents. If Linux is really infringing on patents, why won’t Microsoft tell us what patents then? Hey Microsoft! Put up or SHUT UP!

I really want to know why Apple has released Safari on Windows. From what I know Mac users even hate it. According to Apple, Firefox accounts for 15% of all browsers. I doubt that its that low. Firefox is a lot more popular then that if you ask me. Firefox is often the default browser in Linux. I also think that most people only use Internet Explorer because its there and built into Windows.

I am getting farther on Zelda this time through. This may be cheating to some people but I think a strategy guide is needed when you play games. This game is hard to me and the guide really helps. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to get too far in the game. I will try the dungeons before I start using the guide though.

I am glad to say that the addition of this pages brings the size of my site to over 100KB! Small site but still an achievement for me! Heres to the next 100KB!