March 31, 2008

March 31, 2008

I really have to say, I much rather use a PDA sometimes then a laptop. While a laptop is better it’s also more of a pain to carry. It such an annoying pain that I need to send it off again.

I wanted to give everyone a little heads up about some upcoming changes to this site. So here are some things that I will be doing soon. I hope everyone enjoys these changes.

The poll idea was a complete failure to be completely honest. There were only 5 votes and I was me. Another Vote was a friend who I showed the site to. This means that only 3 people voted. So, I guess I only have 3 people who read my site.

That is why I will not have any more polls. I will start them again, however, if people leave enough comments saying they want them back. I would make a poll but no one voted last time so I doubt anyone will on this.

Expect some longer entries soon. I want to start making this site more active. Maybe that is why I only got 3 votes. The site is kind of boring really. I understand that people want more stuff to read.

The standard entry is pretty much crappy stuff about me. It’s just some stuff like what I did that day, the weather, and what I had for supper that day. I am going to introduce this new feature. You will be able to email me a topic for a discussed at now.

I will be keeping all the other stuff. That is in the daily entry. This stuff has become a normal thing here and I would like to leave it. It is also what I do when I don’t have much of an entry for that day.

Here are some future topics I will be discussing on this blog.

1. My PDA history
2. Living in an iWorld (a very anti-Apple rant.)
3. The perfect…

These will be discussed at random times really. I would like to do them in a schedule but I just don’t have either time or patience to keep it up. I hope everyone will enjoy these changes. I would like to make this site a more fun place.

Supper today was stuffed peppers. As I said before, I do not eat the peppers, so mine is pretty much meat balls really. Its still good though. Rain and wind tomorrow but in the 60s for once! I would love if it was going to be a nice day and my buggy worked though.


March 30, 2008

March 30, 2008

We had to go up to Sears today. We had to go to the one in Dickson City though. We are getting a new washer and they have a really good sale today too. It’s from 6 to 9 PM only though so we had to get it today.

We choose a nice frontload one. It uses less water and even has a heater in it. The only bad thing is you need the HE detergent, which is more concentrated. Its good since you use more it lasts longer. The one we got is 2x concentrated.

I did some benchmarking on the MicroDrive today the strange thing is that the results were similar to fastest card I have. I didn’t buy the card for performance. I bought it because it was really cheap!

I will post them tomorrow. I want to make a table and I am not really sure how I want to set it up yet.

I decided that I will use my iPaq until I get the box. This includes getting the setup just right. I will make a back up before I pack it up again. I should have done this last time really. It would have made getting it setup again a LOT easier!

I had to make a little pull tag with electrical tape so I could get the MicroDrive in and out. The iPaq doesn’t have the much needed ejection mechanism. The NEC has it though so I don’t need the tape on that. Not many PDAs have one anymore. To be honest, its really annoying. Why bother using a type II slot if you can’t get the cards out!

I really hate using stuff outside! Screens are so annoying when its sunny out. The screen protector I have on it is a crappy Belkin one so its horrible outside! I am really thinking about picking up a nice one like a Boxwave since they are really nice compared to what you get in stores.

The weather was pretty nice today. It was very sunny. The forecast for tonight is rain and tomorrow is RAIN! I had home made hot wings today. We make ours on the mild side though. We also tried some with Kikkoman teriyaki glaze which came out really good. Personally, I don’t like spicy food really…

I worked on the game a little today. I didn’t get much done though. I plan on taking my time with it though. It comes out better when you take time to do something properly.
I found out that Crisis Core has 300 missions in it. This makes it quite a long game! I love how people complain that its not a turn based game but an action role playing game. I have to say I really like that its different for a change. A turn based game can get boring once you play enough of them!

March 29, 2008

March 29, 2008

Today was fun. We went to get another ton of pellets. We have a half ton here at the house and 2 and a half tons up at the place. This should be enough for next year. We also went for Chinese food today. It was a great day really.

I got a stand for my TV and a 6GB micro drive at Circuit City on clearance for about 20 each. Pretty good deals huh? I had the same arm for my TV before but when I gave my old TV to parents they took the arm too. This is great since the 19″ is huge on my desk!

The weather was pretty annoying. It was cold and windy. I took out the RC today and I had some problems. I decided to clean out the back plate area of the engine. Well, its still slipping so here is what I want to try next. I found an O ring sealing the shaft so I will replace that.

We went for Chinese like I said before. The food was really good today. I have been pretty thirsty though today. We also went to Dairy Queen at the one mall. We got 2 large Heath Blizzards. My parents split one and I had a whole one. Those things are filling!

March 28, 2008

March 28, 2008

Well, my iPaq came back! So far its still doing the button thing a little but I think it might just need to work in. I have to say I really am glad that I have it back. I really need a new battery though.

I have to say I rather carry my iPaq then a laptop. As mush as I love my thinkPad, I really hate carrying it. The iPaq fits in my pocket at least. Like I just said, I need a new battery to make it really useful.

Supper today was tuna sandwiches. I really enjoyed them but my stomach didn’t! We didn’t get the rain today really thankfully! It is going to be sunny tomorrow thankfully.

March 27, 2008

March 27, 2008

The internet is such a huge distraction! I try to work on my programming and I end up opening FireFox and checking stuff like Engadget or Gizmodo all day. This is really annoying but I know I am not the only one who gets side tracked so easy.

I have to say that I miss what I use to do on my old blog. I am thinking of going back to a website like I use to have. I will use 110MB Hosting probably though. I really do miss doing the articles and stuff. I will think about what I want to do. The one thing is that you won’t be able to comment though, not like anyone reads the site. I will just need to see what happens I guess.

I really love Crisis Core a lot. I only played a little bit but this was worth the 40 bucks. While this game is a Final Fantasy game, it is not a turn based RPG game. Its an Action RPG which has a more Zelda like battle system. You use left and right to select attacks or magic or items. I really like this but its sort of a button masher game to be honest. It is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII so I will be playing that next.

I found something neat about the PS3. My TV that I sent to be fixed only had DVI and not HDMI. This means that I need to use optical for sound on the living room TV. I found out that you can send only Audio through the AV port on the back of the PS3. This means that once I finally get my TV back I can play PS3 in my room.

The weather for tomorrow is rain and snow again. We didn’t really get much today. The temperature is going to be in the 40s again. Supper today was good. Its strips of London broil in Good Seasons Italian dressing and thrown on the grill, and a baked potato. I really love baked potatoes as you can tell!

March 26, 2008

March 26, 2008

I have to say that I really do love my ThinkPad T20 again. Its been a long time since I talked about how much I really love it. I love having a small 14″ laptop for in the car. Sure it is not the fastest computer around but it can do something not much else can. It makes me happy!

I have to say that I worked on the game a little bit more today and I am kind of stumped. I need to be more creative in the story line I think. So here is what I am going to do. If you would like to help make the game I want you to send me an email at and I will contact you. To be involved, you need an IRC program. If you do not have one I will help you.

I took my TV to get fixed today. I have to wait 2 to 4 weeks now! I am kind of annoyed since I wanted to use it for a monitor. I may buy a component cable for my PS3 so I can play it in my room. I have to see if the TV has the component inputs though. It sucks when your TV doesn’t have a HDMI port!

I decided to pick up a copy of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII today. I didn’t want to drop 40 bucks on a game but Best Buy had it and I figured that I will be bored for 2 weeks with no TV. I still love Disgaea but I need a bit of a break. I am in the mood for a different type of game really.

Supper today was left over turkey in gravy with mashed potatoes. I have to say I really like instant potatoes. The real ones are better but instant are easier to make. We made little sandwiches out of the turkey. The weather today was kind of windy. The weather tomorrow is rain and snow, with the temperature being 44.

March 25, 2008

March 25, 2008

We got a new TV today for the kitchen. It’s a 26 inch Vizio from Walmart. I got the old 19 inch Samsung. I have a bit of a problem though. The VGA port on the Samsung won’t work! I have to go up Best Buy tomorrow since we have a warranty on it. I have to say I tried the PS3 on the new TV and I really like it! Its so much better then the rear projection to me.

So I am back on Windows again. That update didn’t work to good for me. So here is what I need to do once I get the TV to work right. I will set up that Vaio. It has a fresh Ubuntu 7.10 install so its ready for use once I get it to work. The thing is that the graphics card may not be great for Ubuntu.

I had hot dogs and French fries for supper today. I really love a Nathans hot dog and some good home made French fries! The weather for tonight is rain and snow showers with the temperature being 51 tomorrow.