February 25, 2017

Well today turned out to be far more interesting than I had thought that it would end up being. For one, I got a new pressure washer, and of course, the first one is bad. The vent cap for pump is missing, and the handle won’t even fit on it as the frame was bent.

So, it goes back to Lowe’s and they agree to give me the new model, that is replacing this one, for a little more. They took 10% off it, so I got the new one which is 3600PSi versus 3400PSI, for 625! I took it home, put the handle on, and it is ready to get used!

It needs oil put into the engine, which I will use full synthetic 10w30 instead of the stuff they gave me with it. I have that oil for the zero turn, and I can use the included oil in the Honda mower instead. So for once, not getting a working on the first time worked out better for me!

So after that, we go to eat, and stop at Walmart on the way home. Phones start vibrating, TORNADO WARNING! We were supposed to be in a slight risk of a severe thunderstorm, and we ended up with a possible tornado touching down not far from me.

The drive home from Walmart was pretty interesting as well due to the heavy downpour and some decent sized, and heavy, hail. My backyard is flooded, and we are going from almost 70 down to just under freezing tonight. It will warm up again though they claim.


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