November 29, 2016

Well, last night, and today, were kind of busy for me. I decided to use a patch to Install OS 10.8 on the Macbook, but it seems to be running kind of hot, so I am going to install 10.7, which is the last officially supported version, and can still run some of the programs I need.

It did rain on and off all day, so I didn’t work. I did type up recipes though and I will gladly say that I like the Razer keyboard a good bit more than my cheap Thermaltake keyboard. I am going to work on getting Lion installed on this Macbook tonight, and see what else I end up doing.


One Response to November 29, 2016

  1. stingraze says:

    You’re crazy…. You need to take care of the Black Macbook!!!! 😛

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