October 8, 2016

Sometimes, I look at some stuff I have and it makes me think. For example, the Motorola Symbol MC3504, which is what I am actually using to type this post up on. As winter approaches, I start to shift from lawn geek to tech geek again. That means that I start looking for toys again, and use the excuse that I want to get something to use for writing. That is something else that I need to work on as well, but right now, that is a slightly different subject that I will get too soon. I have been looking off and on and I came to a conclusion.

There is nothing that really stands out to me anymore. I look for things that are different, and usually, that have a keyboard. I have plenty of Palm OS devices, and a few Windows Mobile devices. Now the key thing is that finding software for Windows Mobile isn’t all that easy anymore as a lot of the sites, whether they are from the developer or just hosting the files, are either gone or have moved on. Now it is worth noting that it is the same way as well. The world of tech moves fast, so if you didn’t save all your old files, too bad! It is the same even if you get an older Android device as well, as newer versions don’t usually support the older stuff.

You can also argue that a custom ROM can run newer versions. My Droid 4 runs Marshmallow for example. It does run slow though, and with limited memory, I wasn’t able to really load it up with stuff. That is why I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 that didn’t work out, then to the Blu Life One XL which wasn’t too great, and finally settled on my current Moto G4. I am very pleased with this phone, that is running Marshmallow and will be getting the update to Nougat soon. Now, after Nougat, I am not sure if it will get anything else, or how well even Nougat will run.

That is what makes collecting this stuff hard as I want to actually use the stuff. I can get plenty of use out of something as long as I can type stuff up, and move files onto and off the device, and read them on a modern PC. With being able to do that, I can use it for writing or typing up recipes, or even just a blog post like this one. Sometimes I can even use them for more, as I can throw some games onto something like this MC3504 as I did find some stuff on a few sites. That is one reason I won’t just get a random PDA as I have plenty of them, in other words I am looking at hardware before the software. There are two exceptions to that rule as they are two PDAs that I had that broke on me. The first is a Clie SJ33 and the second is a Dell Axim X30.


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