September 2, 2016

Another long day today, and I should have tomorrow off, besides taking a few minutes to go over a yard that I cut again to pick up the stuff. The bag was clogging out on the Toro a lot, so I just took it off and discharged it, but it needs to be cleaned up, so I figure that tomorrow, it will have dried out enough and should suck right up. The grass, when I did cut it, was dry but a little long, so I think that effected how it bagged a bit.

Personally, I wish they designed the bag better, and used an impeller on it like the commercial ones, which would really help push the grass into the bag, but it would have cost more, and they are usually only on commercial models, so I guess I am stuck. The one good thing is the Honda bags really well, especially since I have a fresh bag. I bought the second one to use while washing the other one, and that one should be about clean by now. I have had it soaking for a few days now.


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