May 8, 2016

Well, I got 8 yards done today, and 3 more people called. Two of the yards were new ones, one of which may have been a one time cut, but the other is as needed until the house is sold. I have a lot to do tomorrow, and I am not sure just how much I will get done. Today was a long day as the first 6 yards were done with the Craftsman, as it was far to thick for the Honda to handle.

Ironic, the commercial Honda beaten out by a cheap Craftsman, but when it needs to be mulched, the Honda bogs down and chokes unless it is dry and not very overgrow. The problem was these yards are every other week jobs, and haven’t been done in 3 weeks now due to the rain last weekend. It was sunny today for a bit, so it dried some of the yards out which means I can get some stuff done tomorrow now!

I have been thinking of doing some writing as well, since I would like to get more of the second draft done. I am even thinking that I may add some chapters as well, which could be good to fill in more details as well as extend it out a bit more at the same time.


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