February 20, 2016

Well since getting a smartphone, I haven’t made a long post yet. I figure that I should make a longer post since I have the Galaxy S4 now. I do miss the nice keyboard that I had on the Droid 4 but this isn’t all that bad really. The screen is a good size so it does make it a god bit easier to use the onscreen keyboard compared to the one on the Droid 4 at least. Plus I think that the auto correct actually works better on this than on Cyanogenmod.

Overall I am liking the S4 a lot, but the battery life could always be better. I need to get used to the fact that this isn’t like my flip phone so I will need to charge it more often. If I have data on it does seem to drain quite a bit quicker than I would like but I do have a USB battery pack. Today is the first day that I am actually out for the day with the phone as well. I did get the 3000mah battery so it is slightly larger than stock but it isn’t the 7500mah one I was looking at. That would have been a nice battery to get but then I wouldn’t be able to use the nice case I ordered. I do love this Otterbox case even if it does make the phone feel huge. It makes it easier to hold though.

What doesn’t help much for the battery life is that I am using it quite a lot as well. At home I have gotten about 4 hours of screen on time which isn’t too bad really. I know that I will be able to do a full day of mowing on one charge but just in case I am planning to bring a spare charger with me. I have some customers that would be okay with letting me charge up the phone for a bit while I work. I Wil be able to get most time off a charge as I won’t be using it as much other than a few calls and some texting. I have very little use for data when working other than if I want to check the weather. I am not in the mood to get stuck in the rain this year.

I did that quite a few times last year and I hated it. Since I couldn’t just check the radar to see when the rain was going to start so I just kept going until it did start. At that point, I didn’t want to stop so I finished it up. If it was a light rain that didn’t last, I would keep going. The thing that matters the most with wet grass is that you need to bag it. Mulching and, for my Honda, rear discharge is just asking for trouble really. It will clog up like crazy. I know because I have spent enough time scraping the deck out with the wet grass. Nothing quite as fun as having green hands from scraping out the grass when you have no shovel or anything. I grab a stick when I can find one though.


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