December 26, 2015

Well, it is the day after Christmas, and since it is a Saturday, I figured I would make a longer entry. I am doing this on the iPad as well, since I haven’t been using this one for much really. I have done a good bit with other devices like the MC3504. The problem is that with so many devices, it can be hard to pick just one.

There are some that I should use more often, like the Droid 4 and the Pre 3, or even more obscure devices like the Treo 700p. I would love to use the Sigmarrion 3 but the battery on it is shot and doesn’t last too long, around a half hour at best. The Dana is nice, and has good battery life, but it is rather large, and the screen is monochrome, so when it’s cloudy as it is today, it can be a little harder to see.

I could have even taken the Surface Pro, but that doesn’t get the best battery life either, but it does get about 3 or 4 hours I think. The Surface is a different category though since it is a full OS and not something like Android or iOS, so it more versatile really. The other bad thing is that it has a Core i5, so it runs kind of warm too.

The other thing I could have used that gets great battery life is the ThinkPad X140e. That will get about 6 hours on a charge I think, as I haven’t actually tested it much longer then around 3 hours of constant use. The main reason I didn’t take that was it is larger than iPad, so I would need a different bag for it.

Now, speaking of the X140e, I should mention that is has been almost a month since installing Ubuntu 15.10 Mate, and I have to say I am impressed. I only have 2 issues right now, a minor one that I haven’t looked into fixing yet, and a more major one I did a little research into, but haven’t done anything yet but try to update the driver.

The first problem is that the touchpad is annoying, and I can’t seem to find a setting to disable it. I need to look and see what I can do, as I only use the TrackPoint, as I hate Using touchpad when I have a better option available! I should look and see if there is a driver like on Windows where you can set the touchpad to scroll only, or disable it completely.

The second, and major issue, is the WiFi drivers are junk. It amazes me that almost 10 years after my first laptop, with a BroadCom card, still has horrible drivers! These are official ones too, from BroadCom, and yet it is slower than Windows, and takes forever to reconnect when coming out of sleep mode! Sometimes the only fix is to reboot it as well. I can say that I don’t think I have gone more than a day or two without rebooting thanks to the Wifi not connecting.


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