December 24, 2015

Well, it’s Christmas Eve, and as I start working on this entry at around 12:30, it is about 70* and breezy. The breeze is even warm as well. It is just as warm today, or maybe even a little warmer, than it was on the Fourth of July. This is absolutely insane to me. We haven’t even had any snow yet either besides a few little flurries really. The only time the ground was white was when we had fog that frozen so it was just a thick frost.

I have to laugh in a way though as I put about 120 dollars into snow blower parts that I may never even use! They are saying that the pattern is going to flip around the middle of January so we shall see what happens I guess. At this point, I am not sure what is going to actually happen. It could get cold but not snow after all. The key thing is that if we only get an inch of snow, I won’t be doing much work so unless we get a good bit of snow, I won’t be doing all that much.


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