November 16, 2015

Today was another long day. I only managed to finish 2 jobs, but I did start on another one. There was a lot of walking back and forth as I had a lot of stuff to carry from job to job. Tomorrow, the plan is to finish the one I started today, and then get as much done as I can after that. One of the biggest issue with trying to get all of these done is the weather.

It will be 34 tonight, but it could go lower than that. If we get a frost, I need to wait for it to melt off before I can get started. It is also supposed to rain in Thursday so I need to get things done before that happens as well.

I will get caught up eventually as the season is ending soon so not many new jobs will be coming in. I didn’t play Fallout last night since I needed to be up early today, but since it will be cold tonight I don’t need to be up at and out working at 7am so I will be playing tonight. The good thing was that I did actually do some writing night though!


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