October 30, 2015

Today was a good day as well, I did a large leaf clean up job, which took most of the morning. He had taken some pictures, which are on my Facebook, but I also uploaded the. The first picture shows the size of the pile from the front yard, and the second is after getting rid of the pile.

That is one of the fun things about this time of year. I used a good bit of gas today as well, which is why I got another 2 gallons of mixed gas over the weekend. I probably won’t be using too much straight gas for the mower though, but I will probably have to get more before the end of November. I need it for the snow blower. I do like to keep some on hand for the generator as well in case a storm knocks the power out.

Of course that is also why I have so many of the little USB battery packs as well. I have so many devices now that I can get through a several day power outage easily. I can use the generator to even recharge the battery packs as they die too if I wanted to. The best one I have is one that takes standard AA batteries. I have a bunch of rechargeable ones too.

Some people say that I am crazy to have so many things, and keep them charged up, but the way I see it I am just being prepared for anything that can happen. It also helps keep me from being so bored as well. I do have to laugh though since more often than not, I end up not using most of the stuff as I am wondering when it is going to come back on, or I don’t want to waste all my battery in case it takes too long to come back.

That is one reason I will miss the Kindle though, and may even try and get another one eventually. I could use the Kindle for a long time and not even need to think that the battery may not last the entire time. I am planning on putting some books onto one of the old Palm handhelds, like the Visor Pro or the m500 since they are monochrome screen units.

The monochrome screens are nice for reading at night in bed, and they have much better battery life than the color screen ones like the Clie UX50 or Palm TX. There is also the MC3504 as well, since that has the double capacity battery, it lasts a long time compared to the others.


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