October 24, 2015

Today is going to be a long day. We are making the final two trips for pellets today. It will be harder to do it all today but in the long run it is better. It is starting to get colder now, so it will be easier to do it when it’s in the low 40s instead of the low 10s! It don’t matter too much when you think that thy will need to unwrapped and taken into the house when its freezing out since we can only fit about 10 bags on the porch at a time. Oh well, still better than oil heat!

The good thing was that I am not mowing anything today! Tomorrow on the other hand I will be doing a few yards at the least. The one thing worth noting is that it is supposed to rain tonight. Some of the yards I can do wet, but the ones that need to be mulched give me an issue. It is the end of the season so likely this may be the last cut for most of these yards but the weather will determine that. If it stays warm, the grass will keep growing. There is also the people who will call to have the leaves done as well. Oh well, it is what it is. I hate not knowing what I am doing but this is how the end of the season usually goes.

Now there is another thing on my mind that is driving me a little nuts. I finished and uploaded Chapter 42 last night, and I have been debating where to end the book. Without spoiling anything, I am at what I consider a perfect place to end the story and set it up for a second book. The problem is with doing a second book is that I feel like I’m just trying to get more sales. On the other hand, I am not really sure I want to do a single massive book as I am already at around 73,500 words so if I keep going, it will end up easily over 100,000 words.

Now I know that science fiction books can be longer than that, so I am really on the fence about what to do. The plan, for either second book or if I keep going, is to focus on the adventures of the Second Chance crew. That is one of the things that I am quite sure of, so I am just going to keep writing, and if I decide to, I can split it up later. The one thing I have been thinking about is the way I wrote this. I have been doing it in first person view, in past tense. Now I could keep the same style, and I think that I will, but I have also debated switching to a slightly different style and do it as mission logs. I have plenty of time for this decision so I will just play it all by ear.


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