October 22, 2015

What was supposed to be a day off ended up turning into a three yard day in an effort to have less to do tomorrow. I have a few people who may also call tomorrow, but at the very least I know that I have one that needs to be done and one that I need to talk to and see what is going on. I am writing this on the MC3504, so I may need to update that later when I do find out for sure. There are a few others that I could call but I think I will wait and see if they call instead.

At the point, a lot of leaves are falling but not all of them are. All of the walnut trees are bare from the frost, and while some maples are starting to turn and even fall, red maples are not really doing much falling right now. This is why I feel it is better to wait sometimes. I did talk to one guy since starting this earlier and I will be doing both his yard as well as the neighbor, so now tomorrow is up to 3 definite yards and one maybe. There is another job I can do cutting down some plants for the fall. I will probably see a few other people tomorrow as well that may have me come over and do the grass as well.


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