October 17, 2015

Another long week, and I can say for sure that it is making me look forward to winter more and more. We will be getting the first frost tonight or tomorrow night, so everything is going to stop growing now. Of course, it is only going to be cold for the weekend and it will get warmer again for a bit longer. The leaves are starting to change more as well, and I have even started cleaning some of them up.

The bad thing about leaves is that I can clean them up, and a breeze blows more down. Next thing you know, the area you just cleaned up is covered again. Once all of them are down things will be easier but it will also be a lot colder too. The other issue is wind usually ends up ruining my efforts while I try and make the pile. Nothing is quite as fun as trying to blow leaves into the wind after all.

All I know for sure is soon I will need to start getting the snow blowers prepared! I know that the little Toro Power Shovel needs a bit of a tune up. The other bigger Toro, the S620, needs a scraper bar and new paddles as well as a little tune up. The MTD single stage should be okay but may need new paddles. The Troy Bilt two stage, the main snow blower, needs an oil change. That is of course the only four stroke one that I have. I do need to check the belts as well, as I do think the auger belt needs to be replaced as I remember buying one for it last year in case it snapped. The problem is I need to get into the shed and see if I can find it though.

We did finally go and pick up the first of three tons of pellets at least. The issue is that we still have two more tons to get. We are planning to get another ton next weekend and the final ton the weekend after. It is easier to space everything out though since it takes time to drive there, load them, drive back, and unload them. They also need to get stacked up nicely. The fun part is putting them all on the porch as well since that gets done when it’s freezing out!

So I have been using the MC3504 more, and I have been having a strange issue with the touch screen not working when I turn it off for a bit then turn it back on. The only way to get it working again is to turn it off and turn it back on. I have tried to isolate it down to a software issue, installing only the essentials but it still seems to be doing it. I am wondering if it’s related to another little issue that I have as well. It seems the Wi-Fi is causing device.exe to crash. I may even see about finding the original WM5 ROM instead of the upgraded WM6 ROM it came with.

That is of course one of the issues with such an old, and frankly, rather uncommon, device such as the MC3504 as it is technically not something someone would have went over to the AT&T store at the mall to purchase one. That is one of the reasons I love it though. This means that it has features that other phones of the time didn’t have like a full sized SD card slot instead of mini or micro. I will figure it out sooner or later I am sure.


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