September 26, 2015

Well, I have decided that I need to put up some longer posts more often, and I am quite bored tonight, September 22, 2015. I wanted to point that out as that is the date I started this, so if it isn’t posted for a while, you at least know when I started it.

I was browsing Amazon today, looking at the used stuff as I often do, and there is one thing I noticed that is kind of funny in a way. I often search for PDAs or computers, since there are sometimes thing I end up buying, like the Dana. The funny thing I noticed is sometimes you will see a laptop selling for cheap, like I seen one that was around 60 bucks, but they wanted almost that much for shipping!

While it was coming from Canada in this case, sometimes I feel they jack up the shipping price to make you think that you are getting a better deal than you really are. I had gotten the charger for the PowerBook off one of the used ones, since I wanted a real Apple charger, and they charged 7 bucks for shipping, yet they sent it out with the slowest possible US mail option, so I didn’t even get a tracking number.

I do remember them doing stuff like that on Ebay to get some extra money, so maybe it is the same way for this. I am not sure, but sometimes I wonder if it is worth it to even look at some used stuff. A lot of times I see things like a PDA being sold that is JUST the handheld itself, without charger or anything, and they will say its like new, or in great shape. It makes me think they are selling the other parts on the side to make more money as well.

This is of course one of the downsides of my hobby. I love to collect old electronics, but you can’t just walk into Best Buy and buy a PowerBook G4 charger or battery anymore. I have checked Good Will and Salvation Army once or twice but found nothing. Friends of mine often find things, but it depends on when you look and the area you are too.

My one friend often goes in and finds a PDA or laptop, but another friend of mine will go in and rarely find anything good. It also depends on which one he goes to, as at one of them, he found me a ThinkPad T41, which was in the “scrap” pile for 20 bucks but it is a very nice machine.

You may be wondering why I have started caring more about this lately, and the answer is quite simple. To quote the Starks on Game of Thrones (or if you are like me and read the books instead, A Season of Ice and Fire), winter is coming. Yes, it is almost the end of the season for me, and soon I will be putting away the mower for the last time until the spring comes around again!

I have started telling people the last cut will probably be sometime around Halloween, which is usually the case for most of them. I do cut into the second week of November, but that is mostly for yards that see a lot of leaves.

Now it is Saturday, September 26, 2015, so I didn’t do much work on this over the week. That isn’t a huge detail, just wanted to point it out since I did a few yards in the meantime. I didn’t do a lot of work, since nothing has been growing lately.

The one yard I did was VERY dried out, so cutting it was mostly dust! The leaves were starting to fall though, so that made it dustier than just the grass which was starting to dry out on this yard. The other yard I did next door to that one though, everything was burnt up, so it was really not worth cutting but she told me to do it.

I will do it if I am told to, but I felt that it shouldn’t have been done yet. The chances of it coming back are slim though, unless we get the rain they claim we are going to get. The rumor is that we are going to start getting rain towards the middle of next week, so it is a waiting game to see what happens.

That is one of the bad things about this time of year really. I have been trying to find some stuff to do, like yesterday. I hate when I need to go do one yard in an area. For example, the yard I did first yesterday was the farthest one I did from the house, with the other 2 being near my house. I had to walk all that way for the one yard since no one else in that area wanted the grass done.


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