July 11, 2015

Well this post is sort of a rant, and sort of a test as well. I am going to type up the post on the Dana, and hook it to the Galaxy Tab and see if I can send all the text without it screwing anything up. The issue is the last time I tried this, it worked at first, then started to get garbled on me. So this time, the plan is try sending it at a slower speed and see how it works out. This is probably due to how the Dana sends the text as keystrokes, and at the fastest speed, it probably overloads the buffer on the Tab, since it sees the Dana as a USB OTG keyboard.

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to start doing some more writing, so that is one reason I am curious about getting the Dana to work on the Galaxy Tab. I can’t just get the text off the Dana by sending it over through IR, or the SD card since it doesn’t save as a plain text file. That isn’t an issue so much as the Tab does not have an SD slot anyway, but the point is I can’t just read the file on something that does. I could just pop the card into the ThinkPad X140e, and add the file to DropBox or OneDrive if it saved as a .TXT file. I could also use CardTXT but then I lose the features that made me want the Dana.

It is funny how stuff works, since I mentioned sending the files through IR. Not many things made recently even have an IR port on them, but the Tab does. As far as I know though it is only good for using as a remote, so I can’t just beam a text file from the Tab to Dana. If i had it my way, I would love to be able to move files back and forth from the Dana to other devices like the Sig3 as well. The Sig3 has IR but I have never figured out how to send a file, so I am not sure if it even works actually. I need to see if I can get it working one of these days since then I could send the file to the Dana.

The weird thing with the Dana, and this is something i may have mentioned already, is that I can’t import the file into Aphaword for some reason. I can beam a text file, and it will open in Alphaword, or i can import a memo if I wanted to, but I can’t export it to a memo though. The thing is on Palm, when you beam a memo, it sends as a text file, so you can open it and remove the top 2 lines that identify it for Palm OS. If you send a category, it will separate each file with a line that says “–simple boundary” without the quotes.

One of the devices I mentioned as well is one that I honestly need to use more often. The Sig3 is one of my favorite toys, but it has one major flaw that limits its use far too much. The battery is shot, and I can’t find a new one anywhere. After what had happened when I tried to recell the Sharp HC4600 battery pack, I have decided that I am NOT going to even think of trying that again! I broke one thing, and that was enough for me!

The Dana I did recell, but technically all I did was put the wires on some NIMH AA cells. The pack on the HC4600 was 2 NIMH AA cells, and even though I checked the voltage several times, it still fried on me. The Dana uses 3 cells, but had a wire that connected them so I just put the black wire on the negative of the first battery, and the red on the positive of the last one. I have no issues with it, but I could have also done the mod to attach the wires directly to the terminals and bypass the alkaline circuitry but that is more work than I want to do for it.

That is the issue with these old toys for me. I like to find stuff that uses AA or even AAA batteries since I can just pop in new ones and not need to use anything special. That is one of the great things about the old PDAs like the Visor I have. I can just pop in a new set of AAA batteries, or use NIMH ones, and it is good to go versus something like the Tab that has a sealed battery, and needs time to charge as well.


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