July 2, 2015

Ah, today is a concert day, and I had to do 5 yards in the morning. The key thing is they are done at least now, so I have less to do tomorrow. Tomorrow I know I have at least 3 lawns and some weed whacking to do, as well as some weeding possibly.

I am starting this entry quite early, as I am also heading out for some mower parts. I need a wheel for the Toro I was given a while ago as payment for a dethatching job. This will come in handy for jobs where the Honda clogs up too much on me. The problem is that on the Honda, you have no side discharge, only rear. Wet grass clogs this thing up so much that the one yard I did the other day took me twice as long!

Now, I have the Craftsman, which has only side discharge or mulching, but as it is not self propelled, I need to push it the entire time. Not really a huge problem, but when you are doing 5 yards that aren’t exactly flat, it gets tiring very fast. Also, the Toro can technically bag, if I get a new bag for it. I didn’t get the bag or discharge chute with it, so I am going to see if I can find one for cheap.

Okay, so it is a little later now and I am on my way to show. I got the wheel I needed, a blade, and a discharge chute so that mower is ready to go as soon as I get a chance to use it. The first 2 I am doing tomorrow are bagging jobs, so I will be using the Honda for them, and the other one I have planned is one I can use the side discharge on, or mulch it, or even bag if it I want. That one is a flexible job, as she only cares that it is cut.

There is another one though that I can use it on, so I may do that and make sure it really works well. The problem is that I want it for wet grass, and by the time I get to these other 2, the grass will likely be dry already. The main thing I am wondering about is that the self propel will work properly. It worked fine when I tried it in the yard at least.

I am traveling light tonight with just the Galaxy Tab, a USB cable and a battery pack just in case, as well as my headphones I am sure zip won’t use but you never know. I took my case that I use for my Surface, since it has a shoulder strap, but I left the Surface home this time as I end up never using it.


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