June 27, 2015

Today is a day off for me, since it is raining yet again. We don’t need this rain but it will keep the grass nice and green for sure. I am going to wait and see what happens today into tonight and go from there to see what I will be doing, if anything, tomorrow. Time shall tell.

The problem with the weather being like this is they can claim that we are going to get around 2 inches today, but we can get a lot less than that or we could even get more than that. Being a weatherman must be great because you can be wrong and not get fired! Just claim the storm track changed. The possibilities are endless!

Speaking of getting fired, one person I worked for fired me since he claims I wasn’t doing the whole yard. He had never told me that I needed to do behind the shed, or to go on the outside of the bushes and behind the trees in the back. His 2 yards are ones that I won’t miss at all as they were a pain to cut for the 20 each I got and we’re every other week yards. I prefer to do yards weekly as it makes them easier to cut when they aren’t 2 feet tall!


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