May 2, 2015

Well, I was supposed to be working today but got out of it. It was not worth doing it for the price he wanted to pay me. It was a dethatching job with a power rake, for 100. The problem was it would need to be PUSHED up the hills, and that machine would have been very heavy. Then I would need to spend all day cleaning up and dumping the stuff. Needless to say, I figured out that I wouldn’t be able to do it so I told him. He is probably pissed but I couldn’t possibly care less anymore. His yard isn’t even worth it. I underbid it 3 years ago, and never got a raise.

I used to keep it because he watered the grass, but I have taken enough and now, if he calls me again, the price will be 45 instead of 30. I know raising the price that much is bad, since I am sure he will talk to people and complain, but the thing is I am doing a yard down the road for 40 that is about the same size but I am able to do it much faster since the grass is only dumped in the back of the property instead of down the road. It is a quarter mile round trip to dump the wheelbarrow every 3 or 4 bagfuls.

I also intend to start telling people if the yard is overgrown, I WILL charge extra. I am sick of people calling me when the grass is a foot tall and thinking I will do it for the same price. I understand some people want it done less often because money is tight, but it makes it very hard for me to do my work when the grass is overgrown and it is even harder to make it look nice. If I bag it, I end up stopping to empty the bag every 10 feet!

Anyway, today was a really nice day and I did some work on my own yard so we shall see what tomorrow brings. I have at least 2 yards to do so far but that doesn’t mean someone else may not decide to call me last minute.


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