April 25, 2015

Well, today is another car trip day, but that comes later today. Right now, it is early in the morning, when I do my normal shopping time. I decided to start early today, using the Droid 4. I am not sure if I will bring much tonight as I end up not using a lot of what I do bring. The place does have WiFi so the droid will be handy.

The problem with bringing something like the Surface is finding a power outlet. Most of the time, I never have a table next to a plug. That is where the Droid comes in handy as I have the little USB batteries I can use. I will make sure the Droid is also charged up before leaving the house as well. I would love to get a huge extended battery for the Droid one of these days.

The problem there is the screen on this one lately has been kind of glitchy at random. There are times when the image starts turning green or purple and jumping around a bit. I would probably get a second one if it did break as there isn’t much else to get. The issue for me is I need the keyboard, but there are very few devices that have a good keyboard as well as being able to use a more modern version of Android.

At this point, if I was going for purely keyboard and nothing more, then I could make due with a Palm Treo as they can get very good battery life. The thing is the older hardware didn’t use as much power, so the 1800MAH battery on the Treo 650 or 700p would last for days. That was one of the better things about those days for sure, but we have much better stuff now depending on how you look at things.

Now, onto the trip to the concert and traveling light isn’t all that light after all. I have the Surface Pro with TypeCover2, the Droid4, Clie UX50, my mom’s little Canon camera, and the USB batteries with a Micro USB cable. I did also bring the charger for the Surface as well. I am not sure I will use much of this stuff but the bag is small enough. I didn’t take my camera though.

I have been to this place before actually when I got the Droid. I had cut it close getting the Droid that day as the mail was really late. I was able to get the basic setup done and run. They did have WiFi last time so I will be able to get online for a bit but this will be posted late.


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