April 15, 2015

Well, it was nice today but since I had nothing to do I worked on the hedge trimmer sharpening again. I have the HS56 completely done now, so I started working on the KM-HL135. It was a bit of a pain to get that one apart, and I am sure getting it back together again will be tricky. I will finish that one tomorrow.

I did find out that using a good file makes things go much easier. I was using some cheap Harbor Freight ones yesterday but grabbed the Stihl one from my chainsaw sharpening set and everything is doing a lot smoother now, pun totally intended. I also found out that you are not supposed to go back and forth bur instead forward only.

I have to say that everything is looking a lot nicer too. I was thinking that I would have been mowing by now but nothing is really growing too much yet. I am sure we will have some high spots to mow soon as my own yard is looking that way now.

I did get the pull start for the Craftsman mower, as well as some blades for the Honda, a new dethatching blade, and an air filter for Honda today. The Craftsman is setup with the new blade, and I will do 2 yards with it tomorrow!


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