March 27, 2015

Well I decided that I wanted to do a little longer post today, and I am doing it on the UX50. I love this Clie, but the keyboard is stiffer than I remember it being when I played with them in stores around 11 or 12 years ago. I have talked about that too many times and I don’t think anyone cares anymore.

It was a cloudy and chilly day today and tomorrow will be rather cold at only around 30, which is only 20 below average. I know that I complain about this a lot but every day that it stays cold like this means I lose out on money. I should be doing lawns soon, if not doing them already. The past years have been rather late sadly, so why should this year be any different?

We shall have to play the waiting game and see what happens, but it should be nicer on Sunday so maybe I could get some stuff done. I need to adjust the valves on the BR600 and Honda, as well as changing the oil on the Honda and Snapper. I also have 2 hedge trimmers, around 6 mower blades and a chainsaw to sharpen. My work isn’t getting done with this weather sadly.


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