March 15, 2015

It is another concert day again. I am traveling light again this time taking the Clie and the Droid 4. I also took my camera and Kindle as well but for the most part I only took things that fit in my camera bag or pockets to make things easier on me. I always used to bring a ton of stuff but barely use any of it so now I just take the things I want to play with.

I have been doing some of these, like the post on Thursday, using the Clie UX50 for a change. I can type faster on the Pre, or on the Droid4, but this is nice to use as well. IT brings back a lot of memories for me. I never had one of these, but it was one that I had always wanted to get. I have said that before, so there is to use to keep rehashing the same thing over and over again.

I do ramble a lot, but that is beside the point. The tagline of this blog has always been rambling or genius, you decide. I like to take that literally. I have always done posts using a PDA though quite often like when I was still in school. I guess that you can say it’s just an old habit for me. I used to post some long ones every now and then before I started this one in 2007, but sadly I had never saved any of those.

So one of the things on my mind today, since I haven’t done this in a long time, is the Apple Watch and Macbook launch. All in all, I am not impressed at all, but you know that they will sell like crazy. It never fails that anything Apple does sells like crazy. While a valid point, that isn’t the one I really want to make right now. The main point right now is that I am not impressed.

I will start with the Watch first. While I am not the biggest fan of smart watches in general, I would sooner go for the Pebble or Motorola 360. I think the Apple Watch is way too expensive, not counting the gold version, which I see anyone who buys that as being an idiot. If you can spend 10,000 on a watch, why not get a Rolex? That Apple one will be outdated in a year, but you can pass down a Rolex from generation to generation.

Now even if you were sane enough to buy the cheapest one since they all use the same hardware, you are looking at 350 and it isn’t even waterproof like the Motorola 360. Plus the battery life means you need to charge it every night. Frankly the software is more gimmicks than anything. Why put music on your watch when you have your phone? Why look at photos on the small screen when you have your phone? I see no point.

Now what really doesn’t impress me is the new Macbook. I do want to try this new keyboard though so see if it’s all that it is being made to be. They used a different switch type, to make it thinner. I am a keyboard snob as we all know so I am sure that I probably won’t be a huge fan. It looks like it has very little travel, which for me is a huge thing. I like deeper travel, but that is not to say I won’t use anything shallow. The TypeCover 2 on my Surface for example.

Now, for a laptop, thinner does look nicer but in the end it doesn’t matter for me. I can also carry a heavier laptop so that don’t matter to me either. It does look really nice though, and that is what will make it sell in the end. The funny thing is they have thinner laptops that are better, like the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, but since it is a PC it never gets the same recognition. It even has normal ports as well, so you don’t need an adapter that costs 79 dollars.

That brings me to the important part, USB-C. The good thing is that this is an actual standard, and will be used on anything and everything in the coming year. This means that there will also be a lot cheaper adapters from places like Brando or Monoprice. I do look forward to seeing what comes of USB-C as they will start using that on flash drives as well. One of the perks to this will be not needing an adapter for stuff on a phone or tablet.

We shall see what happens soon enough, but remember when Apple took out the floppy drive? How about when they took out the DVD drive? Personally I NEVER find myself missing the DVD drive on my laptops, but this is more major really. Time will tell. I will vote with my wallet.

Now, how about a nice update on the weather? I thought that ALL of the snow would have been melted by tomorrow, or I should say by today since this one will be a late post of course. Sadly I was wrong about that. It will be warm for a few days then on Wednesday it will be colder again. Now, the real issue is that today, and by that I mean Sunday, was cloudy and colder. Sure the rain did melt a good bit of the snow, but not all of it. Plus, we had some snow showers all day as well, but none of that stuck.

Now I know that I mention this far too often but the snow is really getting on my nerves. I need to do quite a bit before I can even start mowing, but since the snow is melting and we keep getting rain, I can’t do anything! I need for everything to dry out so I can rake the stones from the lawn, and start getting all the snow stuff put away for the year as well. Then I need to do things such as adjusting the valves on the Honda and BR600, as well my FS90 as well. The FS90 is my backup trimmer. I had the KM110 done by the dealer last year so that one should be fine.

I also have blades to sharpen as well such as the Honda, Snapper, and the two hedge trimmers. They will be a bit of a pain to do, but the good thing is that I won’t need to do that for a bit as I won’t be trimming bushes this early yet. I want to have them done anyway since you never know for sure. It is better to do it sooner rather than later since you never know if a lot of work will come at once. The longer I put it off, the busier I will be. I did that last year actually.

I also have a lot to do with the garden as well. It has a nice layer of leaves on top that will need to be mixed up and tilled in over these next 2 months. I put the plants in around Memorial Day, so until then I will dump my yards grass clippings in, and till it often. Compost is one of the best ways to have a great garden, and mine has a ton in it. It’s kind of like congress in that regard. I will need to balance the PH with a good bit of lime this year I think too.

I do enjoy my garden a lot. Nothing you buy in the store, I don’t care if it’s a free range organic cucumber that is antibiotic free. Technically that would be my garden as well, as the only thing I use other than compost and the occasional Miracle Grow is some liquid copper to prevent blight on the tomatoes. That is why I use so much compost really. I just wish I had more room to make it bigger. It is about 15 feet by 16 feet right now, which is big enough.

Ok that is enough for today. I will post the on time entry for March 16, 2015 later today.


One Response to March 15, 2015

  1. stingraze says:

    Yeah, USB-C will finally get rid of the numerous types of USB cords that get accumulated. 🙂 lol

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