February 17, 2015

Well, I think I will post another large entry again. I feel like ranting about a few things. For the first thing, McDonald’s annoyed me. Everything is going up. It used to be a dollar for a double cheeseburger, but now it is 1.59 and only has one piece of a cheese. For what you get, it is starting to really be a rip off to me anymore. For a few dollars more, I can go to the Chinese buffet and have a much better meal.

I won’t even mention the fact that the food is horrible for you, since I don’t care about being healthy when I want fast food! I go for the stuff I don’t normally get. That is half the fun of getting it. I like to pig out and splurge on myself sometimes. I know I should lose some weight, but I will in the spring as I normally do.

The second thing on my mind are the games on Windows. Windows 7 came with solitaire and mahjong but on Windows 8, they need to be downloaded separately. This wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t have a free version and a pay version. Now, the free version had ads, which isn’t the issue but the issue is with the pay version. They are doing it monthly!

You have to buy it as a subscription. Now the version of 7 and even Vista was completely free and no ads. The thing is I would gladly buy the full version for a few dollars if it was a onetime buy. They are getting far too greedy for me. They also have what I consider to be rigged challenges. I have gotten some of the expert ones on the first try without even trying that much, yet I have tried some of the easy ones and cannot possibly win! I think this is one of the worst things they could do since they make you keep watching the same ads.

I mainly play a good bit of mahjong as it is a great time waster. I tend to play the same classic layout all the time. With the one reshuffle, I can almost always win that one. Sometimes I do play a few of the other layouts as well. I have to say though that my favorite mahjong was the one included with Gnome desktop on Linux. Unlike the Windows one, it has unlimited reshuffle and goes by time rather than score.

It was cold this morning, and we ended up getting a little coating of snow. It seems we may get some more tomorrow night as well so I will be ready for it on Thursday morning for sure. I am sick of the snow and I want spring!


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