February 14, 2015

Continuing on from yesterday’s post…

With the bad winds coming as well as the snow, it makes it far more annoying to do anything as well as being far too dangerous for me. It will be down to around -10 or so tomorrow tonight. The wind chills will be far lower at down to -40 according to the warning that we are in. Personally, I will wait for Monday afternoon or Tuesday at this point.

I have done snow in the wind and a lot of the times the wind will cover the driveway again and they end up calling me back to do it over again. I don’t charge extra for that since a lot of the snow that I do is for elderly people so I rather not charge them a fortune. It is better to keep them happy than lose the business over a few dollars in the end. I just wish that it was going to stop earlier and I could have gotten everything done before the winds came!

Anyway, going to wrap this one up as I am not feeling all the greatest again now.


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