February 13, 2015

Well, since I was sick the other day, and though I don’t feel the best even today, I am making a nice long post today. I am making up for the lack of an entry yesterday, and that I am going to a concert tonight, that this would be the perfect opportunity! I am traveling rather light tonight though as well.

I have only two gadgets with me. I have the Clie UX50 and the Droid 4 with me and that is about it. I do have some USB batteries and a retractable micro cable with me for the Droid as well as the multipen I take for the Clie, but other than my phone, I have nothing else.

I chose to take things that I can slip in my pocket. I didn’t feel like taking my camera this time, as it can be far too bulky for me. I am writing a good bit of this on the UX50 but I will do some on the Droid as well. The bad thing is that I can’ get it to let me send files from the Clie to the Droid, but not the other way around. The issue with that is the clipboard limit on Palm OS is low, so I was hoping to send the file back and forth but that won’t be possible.

I did find a loophole though. I can send a text from the Droid to the Clie and it will be imported to the Memo program on the Clie, and then import that into CardTXT. I can then use that file in Documents to Go and save as a Word file. Is it a pain? Sure, but it is better than nothing!

I did try the USB OTG host cable I ordered but it didn’t want to mount it on the Droid, even with a card reader, so I will have to see what can be done to change that. Of course, that is the problem with using old stuff alongside of modern stuff. If it was up to me, the best thing would be to use something like the Surface as a go between, since then I could even use other stuff like the Dana or the Blackberry 8900.

The Blackberry gives you some bad habits though such as double tapping the space bar for a period, or needing key combinations for things like comma. The Droid gives me some bad habits as well since the caps lock key is where the shift key usually is on other stuff like the Clie. Again, this is a problem that I create for myself since I use so many different toys.

The Dana is pretty much exempt from this since it has a full keyboard. Unless you compare it with something like the Surface TypeCover or the ThinkPad, since it has some different keys and uses a Mac style layout. That is something for a different post though really since I plan on doing a full review of that one sooner or later, but then again I have said that about the other stuff that I got recently as well.

Of course since I am doing this in the dark, a review of anything would be tricky. That is why I need the backlit keyboard that the Droid and UX50 have. Though most devices I have now do have a lighted keyboard, the two Lenovo laptops that I have, the G500s and ThinkPad X140e, as well as the Dana, do not have such things. The Dana is far too old for such things though.

But I think I have rambled on about keyboards for now, so shifting to the weather. We are going to get more snow tomorrow, which when you read this will actually be today since this will be posted late after all. See tomorrows post for more.


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