July 26, 2014

Well tonight is a bit of a late post, since I went to a concert. For a change it was local so I am home early enough to type and post this, but it won’t be a long post since I didn’t do much today. I trimmed some bushes and weed whacked a little, and now tomorrow I have a few lawns to do.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I finally got the Type Cover 2 for my Surface Pro! It is pretty nice, but I still need to get used to it more so maybe I will do some writing tonight or tomorrow. I had Chinese buffet for supper today which I enjoyed a lot. I also really enjoyed the America concert too. The weather was nice, and it may rain tomorrow which I really hope it does.


One Response to July 26, 2014

  1. stingraze says:

    Write more about gadgets! 😀 check out CC for more Singuarlity 2014 story! cya ttyl

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