July 24, 2014

Well its another car trip day again. Going to a concert as usual. I have the usual stuff as well, which means Surface Pro, Pre3, and the Shield. I also have the Kindle and my Canon T3i as well. I plan to take some pictures so maybe I will have some good ones to upload tomorrow.

I did take some pictures of what I think is a hawk moth of some sort. I cropped them on the Surface so I can upload them tomorrow as well. This is not like the hummingbird moths that I normally see in the yard so I took the pictures in the hopes that someone can tell me what it really is. Looking on Google, I ended up finding some neat ones. They look like a bee which I can only assume is to fool birds and other predators into thinking it is a bee.

I also have a spider that I have been keeping an eye on in the little wishing well in my front yard. While it is still too early to know for sure, this one looks like it may very well be a golden orb weaver. If that is the case I will be VERY happy! The golden orb weaver is one of my favorites since they get so big. I have seen pictures online of them eating birds. I doubt this one will get that big but the larger the spider is, it will be easier to get a picture. Once I start to crop it down they get small. That is why I love my camera.

I always avoided the DSLR because of the price and size, but after using it for this long, there is no way I could even go back to a point and shoot now. The only other camera I would like to get now is something mirrorless like a Sony Nex. I can get a very small pancake lens or go with the same 55-250mm lens they have. I may even be able to get a Canon lens adapter. I use the 55-250mm EF-S lens most of the time. I would love to get one of the 800mm EF-L lenses but they are around 14,000 dollars sadly.

I have been pretty busy mowing lately but this week has been very slow. I trimmed bushes on Tuesday, and did 3 lawns today. Tomorrow, so far, I have 1 to mow and a few bushes to trim. While someone may call me, I don’t really think anyone will sadly. We need rain badly and we just don’t seem to be getting any lately. We got a shower yesterday but it wasn’t enough to make anything grow really. This happened to me last year as well as well if you really want to get technical. Maybe I will have to make some calls tomorrow and see what is going on. The joys of this job truly are endless!

I haven’t been doing too much reading lately as I have been messing around with bitcoin and the various faucets to try and get some Amazon credit to buy the Type Cover 2 for my Surface before they decide to stop selling them. I may just buy one locally and pay cash and be done with it already but I need more work coming in before I can feel okay spending almost 150 with the tax. I know that it is something I will use pretty much every day but I have the Logitech K810 Bluetooth keyboard. I did bring that with me but the problem I found out is when using the Bluetooth, I can’t really use WiFi unless it is on the 5GHz band since they use the same chip. It is a shame that if I use Bluetooth, I pretty much cripple the WiFi. Thanks Microsoft!

Supper today was pork chops and breaded zucchini I enjoyed a lot. It was a nice day weather wise as well but since I am doing this in the car, I have no idea what it will be like tomorrow.


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