August 30, 2008

Well I had a bit of an idea. I seen one of those new Acer Aspire One netbooks yesterday and started to get an idea. These things are really starting to get popular now so here is my idea. Make them more like a PDA. This could be a great idea. They could make software to sync files back and forth and maybe use it to install programs that could be compiled for the software. I had this idea since most of the people who are buying one will use it for a second, smaller travel computer and not as the only one they have.

This is something that I would love to have for my Averatec really. Some days it’s a real pain to keep the files synced up. I have my documents folder and picture folders that I would like to keep synced up. The only way I know besides manually doing it is to sync a flash drive. There are some free programs that can sync one folder at a time.

My idea was to have a small docking station or a standard mini USB cable. I would prefer the docking station since it could be better and provide a easy way to store and charge the computer. They could have 2 versions of the docking station, one that would be a basic dock, and one that would have ports on it to use as another computer. This docking station can also be part of a full computer. You could have it connected to the top of the tower to be ready for use anytime.

I said that I saw the Aspire One yesterday so here is a little bit of what I thought of it. I didn’t like the touchpad at all. It was too sensitive and I couldn’t adjust it to be much slower, and the buttons were on the sides. Could I get used to the different button locations? I won’t know since I will not be buying one. The model they had there was the one with 8GB of flash memory and Linux. It was 309 on sale.

Well, I have some good news. I set up my old Vaio again to play around with. This computer is a 1.4GHZ Pentium 4, with 256MB of RDRAM. This is the super expensive stuff so it will only have the 4 sticks of 64MB unless someone wants to give me some for free. It will be running Ubuntu 8.04 for now, and will be upgraded to 8.10 when its released.

So why set up, let alone use, this old beast? Well, this will allow me to play with Linux in a more controlled environment. If it doesn’t work, I still have Windows on one of the 5 laptops I have. Yes, I have 5 laptops and a desktop again so that makes 6 computers. This is great because I often end up reverting to Windows because Linux has some kind of issue that I usually don’t feel like fixing.

The Vaio is not a bad computer either as it has a 120GB hard drive and a pretty good graphics card. Everything works and I have no problems yet. I will need to see what happens. I am using a MX Revolution mouse and a BlueTooth Think OutSide keyboard. It is the slim one that needs 2 FN keys or numbers and symbols. I need to use a second keyboard though to log in and make sure the keyboard is paired.

Supper today was McDonalds. It was pretty good but I wasn’t really in the mood for it today. The weather was kind of hot today and tomorrow will be 83 and sunny. I hope that I don’t need to cut any grass tomorrow!


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