August 27, 2008

Well I just hate computers anymore. I have a car trip today and everything has gone horrible today. I will start from the beginning last night. I decided to put my 80GB hard drive into the Averatec so I could use it for music. Well, I have 42GB of music and my friend gave me some but when i combined the files it was 68GB and I don’t have enough space on my Averatec even with 80GB. So I pretty much installed Windows again for nothing.

So I thought I could use the iPod. I installed iTunes and this horrible excuse for a program won’t load. Well that was a epic failure. I install some program called Yamipod. This is a fail too. I deleted all the music on It trying to get it to work. I then tried SongBird and that too is a fail. So I try Winamp and get it to work. It was 3AM and I wanted to sleep do I did. I woke up to the Averatrec being closed. So now I have no music since it was taking too long.

Lucky for me, I remembered I still have my music on the external before it was combined with friends. So I need to transfer this in the car while I type this, then import into Windows Media Player and I will have some music. Lucky for me I have the Clie with some Weezer and Barenaked Ladies to use until that is done.

So yeah, I really like Weezer a lot. I love the new CD a lot. Pork and Beans is one of my favorite songs for sure. Everybody Get Dangerous, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, and Trouble Maker are some of my other favorites. I also love Heart Songs though too. It is great that I try and listen to other types of music. While I do like techno I try to be more open. I still don’t care for rap all that much though but I do like the stuff that goremy does on YouTube. I also like nerd rap like YTCracker.

The fair was really fun today too and yes this will be a late entry, in case you don’t already know! The weather was kind of hot today but cooled down nicely later on. As you may have noticed this is quite shorter then what you should expect from a car trip day. Why is it shorter then it should be? I ended up walking around quite a bit. I made the mistake of wearing new shoes and now I have blisters on my toes but it was worth it.

I didn’t even take that many pictures since there wasn’t much I wanted to take a picture of. So what did I really do today? Like I just said I ended up walking around. There was a Poco concert, two actually, that I caught bits of. I had more fun walking around really. The food thing today is really interesting though! I tried alligator meat and it really does taste a lot like chicken. I, also tried maple ice cream. My supper though was chicken fingers. I am afraid that I will not have a weather thing for tomorrow.


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