June 26, 2008

Car trip today though kind of a short one really. We went up Penns Peak for an American concert. This isn’t going to be a long trip entry but it will be a late post of course. I am working on a little book again but this one is a better one then the last time I tried. I will post this one online too.

I may have some good news. I may be getting an old iBook 900MHZ G3 from a guy on a forum I am on. If I do, the only thing wrong with it is the optical drive is shot. If I do get it I could always get a new one for it and at the same time, paint the case orange. The best thing about the G3 iBook is the clear casing that is painted inside. I would love to have an orange iBook but I doubt I would actually paint it. Painting it involves a lot of work and a full tear apart. This also includes changing that drive.

I love this extended battery. I do not need to worry about taking the adapter with me all the time now. I Usually take both the 6 and 9 cell battery when I go over my buddies house or just out. I only took the 9 cell tonight though.

The concert was amazing. It was a little loud towards the end but good. The annoying thing was the lights were in my eyes a lot. They sang a few new songs too which was great. I should have brought my PSP with me since my mom waited in line for a shirt and to get the little concert program signed.

I have 3 lawns to mow tomorrow. I made 20 bucks mowing my grandparent’s lawn today. I am making a lot of money this week. I am making about 75 bucks this week cutting grass alone. The weather was pretty nice today too and will be about the same tomorrow. I had Old Country Buffet for supper today and it was great. I have never gotten food there except for on Saturdays.


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