January 31, 2008

Well, I decided to install Ubuntu again. Dream Linux just did not want to install for me. So far I have not noticed any major problems but only time will tell I suppose. I used the firmware option this time so we shall see what kind of difference it decides to make.

I also decided to explain my idea about the slimmed down operating system a little more. This is because a friend pointed out the XP embeded thing. The plan also was pretty hardware related also. The thing would have a processor that could run on very little power and make no heat. It would also be thin and get 10 plus hours of battery life.

Supper today was steak in an oil broth. very good but hard to explain it. Had real mashed potatoes with this, not the instant ones though I do like them too. Weather is a mix crap bag to rain and maybe snow tomorrow. They said if anything does add up it will be less then an inch only.


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