January 28, 2008

Well, good news everyone! I finished the 404 error page! I am going to begin working on the following pages when I get a chance to.

Fun Stuff

I may add some new pages, it all depends what I feel like doing. I will post update information on the blog as usual.

Looks like Bluray is going to win the format war! Its about time that Sony gets something right! I think the format war was stupid to begin with since they cost pretty much the same and Bluray holds A LOT more data. About 13GB more to be exact.

Supposed to be 44 tomorrow so no chance of snow it seems. I would love to get some snow before the end of the year but I doubt we are going to get a nice snow storm before spring comes. I would love to see a good foot plus of snow.

Supper today was chicken stew. It is pretty much just chicken, potatoes, and carrots, in tomato sauce. The chicken gets really soft and moist this way too. Throw on a little cheese and its amazing! I love it since the sauce doesn’t actually go under the skin of the chicken.


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