October 31, 2007

Well, with the recent coldness, I sure am loving my Acer. Really great thing! Its pretty much a space heater! When its cold, all you need to do is use it and if your on the adapter, just make it run at the full power. Since its gets up to near 70C you will really warm up fast!

So, I have went back to XP like I said. I decided this time to do a little more minimal approach this time. I usually install Notebook Hardware Control for my Acer to clock the CPU down to its lowest. I figure that to save the little bit of extra battery life, its not really worth it.

I have also decided to try and use Windows Media Player for my music. This is because the media buttons on my Acer don’t work with Winamp. The main problem I have is that when I play my stream, it doesn’t display the current track in the player. I guess I could use the web page it loads in the player to see whats playing but I like compact mode.

Truth, while I love Firefox and Thunderbird, I wish I didn’t need to use them. Why can’t the Microsoft ones be as good? Is it really that hard? The reason I hate using them is that they are something I need to install on my computer. That makes a restore take time since I need to add a lotof new programs to it.

My dad ordered us a new telescope. Its a Meade DS2114. It has the Newtonian reflector type and costs about 300 bucks. We are getting it free though since my dad gets points at work and he has enough to get this.

Its not the greatest telescope in the world but for free its great. It has the Autostar control with it. Its also a motorized one so its really easy to use. Its also a lot smaller then my old one so we will actually be able to use this one.

The telescope has a 4.5 inch (114MM) aperture. This makes it good since it will let a lot of light in. I have looked into getting a camera adapter for it but they are not cheap and would need too long to take a good picture.

I got my drivers permit renewed today also. This is good since now I have a year more to learn. This is good since I don’t know how to parallel park yet. I am learning though it takes time. I also need to learn to do some other stuff like drive at night and in the rain. Plus its almost winter now.

I had a very good dinner today. A 24 ounce porterhouse steak, a baked potato and a salad. Very very very good! It was good as the Bonanza steaks! It was one of the good baked potatoes in the oven an not the microwave! I was really looking forward to it!

I have been looking at some books lately… Mainly, I was looking at the web design books at Barnes and Nobles. I would love to learn to do more with this site. The thing is the books are 40 bucks a piece! I could find the same information on the Internet for free.

I could get the main stuff I need like how to do HTML easily. I could find some stuff like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) makers too, just a little harder. It would be nice to make this site a little more then basic HTML. I could use the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to make buttons. I would also like to make some background stuff too. I will have to look later on tonight

Since its Halloween, I got to wonder who dressed up today. Of course, I didn’t but I can be a Computer Software Engineer! That means I won’t go out tonight and I will stay on my computer and code! Fun Fun Fun!!!


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