October 29, 2007

Well, I have been experimenting a bit lately. I did a hard reset on the iPAQ and now I am putting programs on it. I have seen some pretty cool ones too. I have to say, I am starting to think that the iPhone is the greatest thing that has ever happened for Pocket PC and Palm users. There are starting to be more and more applications that emulate the iPhone really. Here are some examples of the programs I have installed that provide something similar to the iPhone.

The first example has to be Touch Commander. This is very similar to TouchFLO on the HTC Touch. Very neat little program. You have the 3 panes. One is the media pane, the next two are shortcut panes. One is to some of your common applications, and the other is mainly meant for contacts but I have mine set to applications also. I have it set to pull up when I hit my never used record button.

Next up is the new Pocket Player. This has a touch interface too. This is only for when you are browsing media but I am hoping the next version will build on this. Its a flick scroll also.

The final application I have installed that features this is the SPB Pocket Plus program. This has whats called smart scrolling as one of the things you can enable. This doesn’t work in all programs though however. Only the ones listed. Also like Pocket Player, its the flick scroll method.

There are also some iPhone like keyboards that are available. I have tried two so far and didn’t like either. I will keep looking because I could use a program that would let me do data input without a stylus. Of course when I have a big thing to do I will reach for my trusty Bluetooth Stowaway.

Since its close to Halloween I have been starting to watch some scary movies. I know its a little late now but I watched Saw III on line last night. Someone decided to upload it to Google Video so I watched it. I didn’t see one or two however. Tonight I plan on Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Of course we all know a scary movie is best watched in the pitch black room.

Saw was a very good movie and I am shocked. I always thought it was about people being tortured and seen it as a sick movie. I decided to give it a try and just watch it. The one I seen was the unrated edition apparently. It was a little longer and showed more gore. I will be kind and not spoil anything but WOW that was just great. A great site is AllUC.org since that is where I found the movie.

I have to ask something… What is with the new trend of these all in one computers. What is the point of buying a desktop that you can’t update? Thats like buying a laptop that you can’t use as a portable computer. If I am going to get a computer that you can’t update, I will get a laptop. Sorry but there is no point in a computer that you can’t update…

I think that battery in my iPAQ is going as it doesn’t seem to be lasting nearly as long as it use to. Maybe its the PSP charger though. Its the same output as the iPAQ one though so it shouldn’t matter. I use it to make my life easier with only one plug. I will try and use it more and see it it decided that it wants to recalibrate itself. I am using the Stowaway more too. Since I paid 80 bucks for it, I think I should at least use it.


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