October 28, 2007

Well my Ubuntu fixation was very short lived this time. I am not going to deal with this crap this time. Once my WiFi started acting up, I decided that I was just going to go back. I would like to use my PDA more so going back was a good choice. Plus, using XP is good since I can install programs easier. There are a lot of programs for Windows you know! I have decided that Linux just isn’t worth the hassle.

We tried out that new Senseo and wow that thing is cool. All you need to do is put the water on, place the coffee pod in the holder and hit the button. Pretty cool! The coffee is good too. Add a little sugar, a little milk, and you have one damn good cup of coffee really quick. Plus we seen something online that is a refillable pod.

Tonight the temperature will drop below freezing. Its getting cold now. Soon it will snow I hope! If it snows then I will make money since I will be able to shovel snow for money! I know I have one person that will want me to do it and he has a large snow blower, plus my grandparents have one too.

I have decided that when I code, I will start making it more organized. I will add blank lines between sections since they will not add anything to the code. This makes it easier to code in sections like a paragraph or list is one section. Otherwise its all bunched together.

So, since I didn’t get a really good chance yesterday, I want to talk more about that me looking the iPhone thing… Yes, the very object I hated since it was even announced, is actually not that bad. I played with it for the first time and I have to say if it wasn’t for the price I may have wanted to buy one…

One flaw is the keyboard for me. I need to have an easy way to do HTML. There is no word processor either. Maybe if it had a better keyboard that had the angle brackets on it and number row, I might be more willing to buy one.I would buy the iPod one first off all since it is 16GB and no phone for same price.


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