October 27, 2007

The news page is also back up and running. I have to say that I am proud of where the site is going and I intend on keeping up content. This is so I can try and make the site a little more fun. So far it has served as a simple Blog for me to rant and discuss whats going on with. Well, now I want to diversify the site.

You have also noticed I have learned a new trick for coding. You can use a line break tag inside of the paragraph tag to make it skip to the next line. Pretty cool if you ask me. I want to keep this blog in a slightly different format also. It will now read as a book style writing. This means I will use tabs and such and only one paragraph tag. Why? It looks better! Sadly, I can’t since there is one problem… There is always a problem! I don’t know how to make it put in a tab! I will look it up and maybe tomorrow will have it.

Since I have switched over to Linux, I will investigate the copyright laws on using the Ubuntu logo. If its allowed, you may see it in the corner of the page. There will also be the addition of an OpenOffice.org logo since they allow you to use it. This is not to advertise for them, but it is to let people know what I am using.

Well, I had to restart the thing today. I shut off the WiFi which decided to make the card disappear. This is a weird problem. Still, I had some good uptime. One week without a restart is pretty good of you ask me! Of course leaving WiFi on would be nice but it drains a little more power then I like. I know that it wouldn’t be that much of a difference if I left it on or not but I would like my battery to last me as long as possible. I use the laptops in the car a lot and do not wish to carry an inverter everywhere.

I have decided that I do not use my Acer enough anymore. It only sits on the desk… Sure I use it but I rarely use the battery on it. This is why I took it in the car today. The T20 is good for the car though since the ThinkLight keeps the thing usable once night hits. The main reason I need the light is because I do not know the keyboard by heart. Maybe I will one day but until that day comes I can type great on the 2 finger method!

I was having some fun at the ATT store before. The guy was saying that the iPhone is unhackable. He also claimes there is no SIM card. Yeah… If you are going to work in a place like this, please have a little common knowledge. I got to say, I enjoyed annoying him since I knew I was right and prove it.

I finally got a chance to play with… AN IPHONE!!!!!! I have to say, while I did like it, I would NEVER buy it. 400 bucks for a phone is just crazy. I could get the phoneless iPod Touch, but 400 for a 16GB MP3 player is also crazy. Sorry Apple, I’m not a sheep. I know a ripoff when I see one.

I have decided that the PDAs I have need to get some more use. I have started to type some crap on my NEC and iPAQ lately. This is to get more use out of them. I also have found that the iPAQ handles the Graffiti writing better then my Palm.

We got one of those coffee makers that uses the little pods today on clearance for 100 bucks off so it was only 40 bucks. We also got a ton of the pods really cheap. We also got some good coffee from Sheets since we had 2 free ones.

Sorry for the late entry, it was a very busy day!


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