October 26, 2007

You may have seen the new page I put up… This is a page that I am getting the content from with a thread I made on the Ubuntu forums. I may be doing a similar page page on another forum. I could do a few of these since they are something I like. I hope you enjoy the page. Here is a link for you.

This page will not appear in the updates since I update it a lot. The time is, however, included in th last updated. Sorry if its a little hard to follow for you since I just lump it all together. I may end up making it 5 words per line since that is how its on the thread.

So I have gotten pretty far in the Final Fantasy game. I have all 4 crystals restored and I am now doing some of the optional dungeons before I do get ready to finish the game. This game is a game that I may end up playing more then once since you can experiment with a different party. Plus the game is just plain fun!

Well we are getting a lot of rain here lately. Tonight into tomorrow calls for another inch to an inch and a half. Just think, if this was snow that would be a foot to a foot and a half! The temperature is getting colder here next week will be in the 50s all day and 30s at night! BRRR! Good thing for us we have a whole ton of pellets at the house for the stove to keep us nice and warm.


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