October 24, 2007

I am doing something a little different for today. Instead of taking my laptop with me, I am going to take my NEC. Of course I need a little bit of use to adjust to the keyboard. I keep hitting the ctrl key instead of shift. The thing is also hard to balance as its so small. I figure that today I can take the NEC since its raining so no sun. I have probably mentioned that that the screen washes out in the sun.

I decided to take a break from my game for a bit today to extend the time I have it. I do not want to finish it too fast since then I will need to get another one. I need to save money thus I will be waiting to get a new game. I am thinking of reviewing the PSP but I don’t know where to start and what to cover. In a computer review its easy to do.

I have been running Linux on my Acer without a reset since I had to reinstall it on Saturday. I had to reinstall since I broke my network manager! I got the ThinkPad to work right too. The fan spins and the hibernation works now. I have to just get all my software installed again.

I also got my Acer set up perfectly. The only thing left to find is the installer for Picasa so I can upload my pictures when I take them. That uses the Windows application in a Wine install. Wine is a very useful program to have on any Linux installation. Sure you can’t install just any program on it, but its better then nothing.

I have to say I love this NEC a lot. I don’t get to use it as often I would really like to. I use to use it a lot when I was in school. It was great for taking notes on since it has the large screen and nice keyboard. I will just have to find more use.


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